4 May 2020

Effective May 2020, Salmon Software is pleased to announce its association with Dubai-based Saiber Innovation Technologies, Dubai – United Arab Emirates, thus adding one more point of international presence in the expanding markets of the Middle East & Gulf countries.

In the Fintech space, Saiber offers solutions to banks and FI’s in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for the Analytics space. With the addition of Salmon Treasurer, the partnership now offers Corporates system functionality enabling centralised or decentralised treasury operations, management of unlimited accounts, facilities, books, funds, dealers and companies into the region. Furthermore, by automating the majority of treasury management processes, Salmon Treasurer effectively eliminates the need for spreadsheets allowing for focus on adding value elsewhere. The system supports all currencies, facilitates trades and managing these trades, across an extensive range of financial instruments providing real-time revaluation of all deals and positions while interfacing with a wide variety of external and internal systems. Treasurer’s in-house banking and netting modules let businesses optimise cash balances and positions across departments and global subsidiaries.

Since 1985, Salmon Software has focused on delivering world-class Treasury Management System software, addressing the challenges of the ever increasing complexities in global financial systems. Headquartered in Dublin, and robustly backed by the Irish Government agency “Enterprise Ireland”, Salmon Software successfully serves global markets from offices in Ireland, England, Brazil, Australia and a Customer Service Centre in the Czech Republic.
Named “An Bradán Feasa” in Irish, in respect of an Irish legend, Salmon celebrates the power of knowledge and extols the virtue of the pursuit of wisdom and learning via continuous treasury management system development and by the creation of rich system functionality in areas where technology and finance converge.

For further enquiries, please email Gary Thomas &/or Neel Luthria

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