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Bunq and Qover unite to simplify travel insurance across markets

Bunq partners with Qover to offer digital nomads effortless travel insurance, enhancing banking with AI and setting new standards in the neobanking sector.

  • Editorial Team
  • May 16, 2024
  • 2 minutes

Dutch digital bank bunq has made a significant move by entering the insurance market, introducing a worldwide one-time activation travel insurance in collaboration with Qover. This partnership is set to revolutionise the way digital nomads interact with their banking and insurance needs.

Bunq’s collaboration with Qover, a global embedded insurance provider, is a strategic step towards enhancing the banking experience for its users. The neobank’s decision to offer automatic worldwide coverage for anyone on the Easy Bank Pro XL plan simplifies the process of obtaining travel insurance. With just one activation, Bunq covers users for all future trips, eliminating the hassle of re-purchasing insurance for every journey.

Advancements in AI and user experience

In addition to the travel insurance product, Bunq has upgraded its GenAI assistant, Finn, to be fully conversational. This enhancement allows Finn to provide deeper insights into users’ finances and offer personalised recommendations for places to visit in new cities.

Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of Bunq, emphasised the ease this new feature brings to users. He stated: “At Bunq, we use the latest tech to make our users’ lives easy. We’re thrilled to see so many of our users embrace Finn in their daily lives. We can’t wait for them to have a chat with the all-new Finn. As of now, Finn is independently solving up to 40% of user support questions and assisting with 75% every day. This helps users tackle any issues they might have while using the app.”

The integration of Qover’s insurance features within Bunq’s app, including a fast claims process and accessible travel certificates, demonstrates Bunq and Qover’s shared vision for a seamless user experience.

Quentin Colmant, CEO and Co-Founder at Qover, commented: “Collaborative spirit is the cornerstone of our successful partnership. Together with bunq, we prioritised delivering an exceptional user experience for Eva, bunq’s model user. This commitment extends beyond the insurance product itself, encompassing outstanding AI-powered customer care and a streamlined claims process.”

Bunq’s entry into the travel insurance market marks a significant step in its mission. This, coupled with its advancements in AI, aims to serve the needs of digital nomads worldwide. By prioritising user convenience and data transparency, Bunq and Qover are setting a new standard for the integration of banking and insurance services.