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The Analytics Revolution

21st October 2016

Learn how commodities companies can rely on advanced data analytics to stay competitive in today's environment of severe commodity price volatility, changing global economies, and extreme weather events. read more

Why Supply Chain Management Is Like a Competitive Sport

21st October 2016

Moving things, human beings, ball, boats, or commodities is extremely hard work. Using the right tools makes all the difference. read more

PRA CP21/16 Pillar 2 Liquidity Calls to Action

19th October 2016

Company: KnowCo Limited
This KnowCo regulatory digest highlights the very clear calls to action around cash flow mismatch and ‘double duty’ risks. The proposals relate to regulatory minima Pillar 2 liquidity for debt buyback risk, non-margin derivative risk, cash flow mismatch risk and intraday liquidity risk. This is the first of two PRA consultation papers. The... read more

Secure Cloud Computing in the Finance Sector

18th October 2016

Company: KnowCo Limited
Cloud computing drives a vast spectrum of current and emerging applications and services. KnowCo recently announced a cloud version of its class-leading KST stress-testing system which facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements for stress testing and management, as it relates to credit risk capital, IRRBB and liquidity. read more

Entity Data Management: Complex Client Structures & Fragmented System Landscapes

13th October 2016

Overcoming the entity data challenges presented by complex client structures and fragmented systems landscapes. This paper discusses data management challenges faced by institutions, and the rationale used to justify tactical approaches. The paper proposes practical approaches to ensure that wider organisational opportunities are addressed during... read more

Spreadsheet Risk in Stress Testing

11th October 2016

Company: KnowCo Limited
Many small- medium sized banks rely on excel for financial stress-testing and modelling, creating potential for errors and regulatory risk. KnowCo's automated, easy-to-use stress testing solution enables improved data integrity. The process uses a templated data mapping process which will typically uncover instances of data degradation and expose... read more

Leveling Up: Why SME Banking Needs Machine Learning

5th October 2016

Company: Strands
This blog post explains why SME Banking needs machine learning, discuss challenges in AI applications and what are the key best practises for smart automation of the interactions between banks and the SME´s read more

How to build an accurate cash forecast

26th September 2016

Company: Reval
It is often a struggle for many treasurers to put together cash positions and funding options due to operational inefficiencies. To help treasurers get started on the path to success, learn how to build an accurate cash forecast and what tools are available to help in this endeavor. read more

Should we fear Pensions ISAs?

26th September 2016

Company: GBST
Talk of Pensions ISAs has returned recently. Robert de Dominicis asks would moving away from the current pension system of tax relief on contributions, a lifetime limit on gains and taxing withdrawals to a system where contributions are taxed but gains and withdrawals are tax free really be such a bad thing? Or could it lead to a fairer, simpler,... read more
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