Best Practice

NAV Reconciliation: Moving Beyond Excel

20th April 2017

The vast majority of investment managers will reconcile their net asset value in 2016 using Excel. This is because vendors have struggled to deliver a robust NAV reconciliation solution that is as configurable as matching, but as intuitive as an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s the functionality investment managers need in a commercial package before... read more

IFRS9 - Two Sides of the Coin

19th April 2017

Company: KnowCo Limited
As financial institutions wrestle with the complexity of the new Standard, and the rapidly shrinking time left for implementation, we attempt in this short article to bring some focus and clarity to the central question: Is this about how we model expected credit losses, or how we account for them? read more

Adapting to the Pace of Change in Retail Banking

18th April 2017

As the financial services landscape changes and as power continues to shift to customers, advanced technologies such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics can help. Find out more in this summary report from a recent 'Pace of Change' round table of senior bankers in Australia. read more

RegTech: When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

10th April 2017

Company: BearingPoint
Anne Leslie-Bini, Associate Director BearingPoint France, talks about RegTech trends, challenges and new ways of approaching the topic of regulation. read more

Path Solutions - iSHRAQ suite

7th April 2017

Company: Path Solutions
iSHRAQ suite is an advanced investment and financing management model for investment companies or investment department in any organization. iSHRAQ suite provides financial and investment solutions to clients specializing in investments, to bring the best of Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Real Estate Investments, and... read more

Blockchains for Efficient Commodity Management

6th April 2017

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform commodities value chains, providing seamless, automated tracking, planning, and execution of commodity trades regardless of how many different participants are in the chain. read more

The Commodities Industry: More SMAC Stack than Smoke Stack

6th April 2017

Big data and advanced analytics provide huge jumps in efficiency, enhancing CTRM and ETRM software and enabling better decision making. read more

NRI Automates Post-trade Operations with New Robotic Process Automation

5th April 2017

NRI’s Prime Settlement Service (PSS), Japan’s first utility service for investment banks, will incorporate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate manual processes for post-trade operations starting April 2017. RPA will be applied to the payment record processing phase of post-trade operations, where the input and reconciliation of data... read more

The role of compliance in reinforcing correspondent banking relationships

4th April 2017

This webinar will explore measures respondent banks should use to successfully build correspondent banking relationships, including a strong AML compliance program. read more