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IT Guide: Windows 10 Migration Minus The Complexity

4th January 2017

Company: Druva
It’s no secret that a Windows OS migration can be a headache for IT managers and teams, starting with the lack of compatibility with apps and legacy software, unreliable WiFi connections, user training and acceptance, and the challenge of keeping users productive while giving them the new updates that they need and demand. Windows 10 is no... read more

Providing Alternatives for Fund Infrastructures

21st December 2016

One of the greatest challenges facing fund managers has been managing ever growing operational burdens accompanied by escalating costs, more stringent regulatory requirements and complex data management. This is why hedge funds are expected to increase their technology spending; 39% of funds expect to spend over $1m per year in the next five years... read more

Preventing Fraud in the Payment Process

21st November 2016

If money is the lifeblood of an organisation, it stands to reason that protecting your ability to make and receive payments is vital to ensure your financial heartbeat is free from unnecessary risk. It is well recorded in the media that fraud is on the rise and closing in, and that fraudsters don’t discriminate. Every day businesses of every... read more

Best Practices in Factor-Based Analytics

10th November 2016

Company: Axioma, Inc.
As a portfolio manager, have you ever been surprised by a bad return period? Or wondered if there is a better way to identify the risks in your portfolio? Have you wanted to look for sources of return beyond sector breakdowns? If so, this paper will provide an overview into how you can address these questions and more. read more

A Complete and Robust Set of Backtesting Tools

10th November 2016

Company: Axioma, Inc.
Practitioners and academics test many investment strategies over various time horizons. This paper will discuss how to overcome a wide array of mechanical difficulties that can occur while completing a backtest. We’ll summarize the most frequent challenges that occur during backtesting and how Axioma solves for them, and we’ll look at a... read more

The best of Fintech Pulse: Thought Leadership Highlights 2016

10th November 2016

Company: Strands
The first annual Fintech Pulse Magazine edition of 2016. The aim of FinTech Pulse has always been to keep a finger on the digital transformation of banking as we know it, driven by FinTech innovation. It is an open space for financial technology experts inside and outside of Strands to chronicle and opine on their observation of and participation... read more

Asset Managers, forget Big Data – implement your DataCentric Operating Model!

3rd November 2016

Company: NeoXam
All firms committed to becoming full digital businesses understand: data is the new black gold, the soil on which future services and value for their clients will grow. However, "Big Data" has taken the limelight: large amounts of heterogeneous data that can be analyzed quickly. A "Smart Data” approach is actually far more interesting for Asset... read more

NSFR: Setting up a solid foundation to meet liquidity requirements

2nd November 2016

Company: AxiomSL
AxiomSL's global liquidity team shed like on the specific treatments under the BIS NSFR standards, the challenges posed across multiple spectrums & the opportunities presented to firms as a result. read more

The Analytics Revolution

21st October 2016

Learn how commodities companies can rely on advanced data analytics to stay competitive in today's environment of severe commodity price volatility, changing global economies, and extreme weather events. read more
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