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Data Sensitivty and the CAT

20th October 2017

Regulatory reporting is an intrinsic part of a financial firm’s daily activities. As reporting requirements evolve, so do the specifications firms must adhere to in order to meet these reporting obligations. With regulators interested in analysing a wider scope of the data attributes, firms have to integrate more and more systems and data... read more

Mobile Payment Server enabling YourPay

19th October 2017

Company: INSIDE Secure
Inside Secure’s Mobile Payment solution enables YourPay – allowing Issuing banks (and others) to easily deploy their own “Pays”. This allows them to complement their existing assets and customer relationships with a powerful, convenient and secure Mobile Payment solution. Inside Secure’s Mobile Payment Server manages the eco-system on... read more

Global treasury benchmarking survey

18th October 2017

Company: ION Treasury
In the fourth quarter of 2016, ION Treasury in association with Treasury Strategies, Standard Chartered Bank, and Zanders, set out to take the pulse of the treasury market, globally. The result is the second edition of the “Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey,” which captures the voice of nearly 1,000 finance professionals. This report... read more

Video: Xymbology - Resolving symbols, enabling choice

13th October 2017

For firms providing brokerage services, symbology data feeds enable the seamless on-boarding of new clients, who may use differing technologies for market data, order execution and portfolio management. Firms that use the Xymbology feed can gain a competitive advantage in winning new business, more often than not by a switch sale, with minimum... read more

MiFID II Frequently Asked Questions

12th October 2017

UnaVista’s partner community is made up of a variety of financial services firms including front end systems, platform providers, RegTech, FinTech, consultants and more. The programme was launched in February 2017 to bring together the world's leading financial services technology and consultancy firms to help the markets become more efficient... read more

MiFIR - No LEI, No Trade

12th October 2017

The industry believes 250,000 LEIs could be outstanding therefore, putting an increasing pressure on a process which already is under a tight deadline. Doing the simple maths, it is evident that an immense number of LEIs are still required and firms should be acting now in order to ensure they have LEIs in time. The mantra from the FCA and ESMA is... read more

ESP: To Automation and Beyond

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
GlobeTax has a proven track record of maintaining a leading position in automating tax reclaim processes. Central to GlobeTax's strategy has been ESP, the firm’s proprietary electronic submission portal. The financial services industry has been quick to understand – and take advantage of – the expanded capabilities ESP provides, allowing them... read more

GlobeTax Introduces ESP Dashboard – A One-Stop Withholding Tax Servicing Tool

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
GlobeTax launched ESP Dashboard, an integrated tax-relief event monitoring tool. The dashboard is a cutting-edge upgrade to ESP, the standard platform for beneficial owner disclosure and applications for withholding tax relief. The platform will create a custom work flow for each DTCC Participant, providing the ability to initiate a claim with just... read more

GlobeTax's explains implications of tax treaty changes on hedge fund community

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
To help readers understand the myriad issues involved in crossborder tax payment and reclamation, The Hedge Fund Law Report interviewed Len Lipton, Managing Director of tax reclamation service provider GlobeTax. read more