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MiFID II creates cross-asset revolution across buy & sell side

22nd February 2017

The cross-asset nature of MiFID II will demand significant investment from the asset management and banking communities - how will firms address the various challenges in order to stay both compliant and competitive? read more

Best Practices for Protecting Your Data When Employees Leave

12th February 2017

Company: Druva
When employees leave a company, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it is quite common for them to take sensitive and confidential data with them. This paper examines this problem in detail and provides solutions for employers to mitigate the risks. read more

Aqua Global's Message Management Product

9th February 2017

e2gen Message Management (MM) is an integrated framework for controlling all electronic messaging from a variety of services such as SWIFT, SEPA, local clearing, electronic banking or even custom formats. MM is a multi-entity, multi-currency solution offering 24 x 7 transaction processing capabilities read more

ITN News report on Aqua Global Solutions

9th February 2017

This report, conducted by ITN productions, shows how Aqua Global Solutions can improve core banking systems within financial institutions. The report finds that with greater agility, mitigated risk and reduced inefficiencies, financial institutions can be more competitive within a cost-conscious market. read more

Looking for a transaction-based reporting solution?

3rd February 2017

Company: BearingPoint
ABACUS/Transactions is a module-based standard software solution that helps financial institutions meet the increasing demand for even more granular intra-day transaction-by-transaction reporting. The product covers reporting under EMIR /EMIR II as well as the ECB money market statistical reporting (MMSR). Additional modules for the MiFID II/MiFIR... read more

Providing Alternatives for Fund Infrastructures

21st December 2016

One of the greatest challenges facing fund managers has been managing ever growing operational burdens accompanied by escalating costs, more stringent regulatory requirements and complex data management. This is why hedge funds are expected to increase their technology spending; 39% of funds expect to spend over $1m per year in the next five years... read more

Preventing Fraud in the Payment Process

21st November 2016

If money is the lifeblood of an organisation, it stands to reason that protecting your ability to make and receive payments is vital to ensure your financial heartbeat is free from unnecessary risk. It is well recorded in the media that fraud is on the rise and closing in, and that fraudsters don’t discriminate. Every day businesses of every... read more

Best Practices in Factor-Based Analytics

10th November 2016

Company: Axioma, Inc.
As a portfolio manager, have you ever been surprised by a bad return period? Or wondered if there is a better way to identify the risks in your portfolio? Have you wanted to look for sources of return beyond sector breakdowns? If so, this paper will provide an overview into how you can address these questions and more. read more

A Complete and Robust Set of Backtesting Tools

10th November 2016

Company: Axioma, Inc.
Practitioners and academics test many investment strategies over various time horizons. This paper will discuss how to overcome a wide array of mechanical difficulties that can occur while completing a backtest. We’ll summarize the most frequent challenges that occur during backtesting and how Axioma solves for them, and we’ll look at a... read more
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