IBS Intelligence Managing Editor Robin Amlot speaks to Mohammed Kateeb

10th May 2021

Company: Path Solutions
One year after the start of the novel Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, Robin Amlôt asked Mohammed Kateeb, the Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions, how Covid-19 has changed the banking sector, and how has business changed for Path Solutions. Will the tumult of 2020 forever change banking? read more

Time to Be Clear on Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR)

6th May 2021

Following regulatory forbearance due to Covid and the resultant extensions to the implementation dates, it is time to review arrangements to comply with UMR. The number of in-scope entities will drastically increase as we near the Phase 5 & 6 dates. Entities will be subject to the rules from 1st September 2021 if the aggregate month-end average... read more

How Zirtue keeps relationship based lending honest and safe

6th May 2021

Company: Sift
Since using Sift, I can now tell at a moment’s glance whether an account is fraudulent thanks to the data in Sift’s network. Our workflows have sped up so much, and we’ve seen a staggering drop in fraud losses. read more

Intix helps banks mitigate new transparency risks in cross-border payments

6th May 2021

Company: INTIX
Transparency in payment processing introduces new risks - Are you protecting your reputation? read more

General Ledger: Easy to Overlook, Impossible to Ignore

5th May 2021

Company: FundCount
Today’s general ledger is such an integral part of any accounting process that it is easy to overlook the power it wields. Yet, many firms continue to operate as if in the dark ages without ready access to current, unified information across all assets and entities. Learn how a real-time general ledger can bring efficiency, accuracy and insight... read more

Account Payables and Supplier Invoices Reconciliation

29th April 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
The Supplier submits a list of transactions and the outstanding balance of unpaid invoices for a given period. The Buyer’s Accounts Payable (AP) department, on the other hand, compares those records to the internal AP ledger to identify any differences. Those might be invoices or credit notes on the Supplier statement that are absent in the AP... read more

Delivering Electronic Trading Solutions to Buy & Sell Side Clients in Asia

29th April 2021

Company: QUO
QUO launched a new web solution for sell-side private bank and wealth management clients in February this year. Will Lawton, offered his insights into these latest developments, and how the new sell-side offering further enhances QUO’s mission to deliver digital solutions to empower wealth management firms and assist private banks and other... read more

Regulatory reporting: 7 Questions with Philip Flood, Gresham Technologies

28th April 2021

Philip Flood, Business Development Director, Regulatory and STP Services, recently joined the '7 questions with...' podcast with Gert Raeves of Adox Research. Listen to hear Philip's thoughts on what firms have learned from post-financial crisis reporting challenges and why they are now seeking strategic approaches to reporting, as well as tackling... read more

Real-time payments tech put pressure on banks

28th April 2021

Company: INTIX
The transformation to real-time has seen the market modernise, but there is a further need for banks to have the visibility to work at the individual transaction level, not just at batch level. Whether payments get processed through one or the other platform, Intix offers banks an advanced risk mitigation tool and helps them protect their... read more