TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter #30

11th April 2021

In the 30th issue of TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter, we celebrate the milestone of TCS turning 50 years old in 2018, we have taken on the vibrant colors and the TCS 50 brand, a “look and feel” that conveys a sense of diversity, fluidity, and agility appropriate for our heritage and our identity as a truly global organization. The newsletter... read more

TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter #31

11th April 2021

The theme of the 31st issue of TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter is on how financial services institutions can benefit from living in a hyperconnected world. The Newsletter features: Zions Bancorporation: Affiliate brands to share a single platform for consumer lending, commercial lending, and deposits Länsförsäkringar Bank: One of Sweden’s... read more

TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter #32

11th April 2021

Over the past few years, we have transitioned TCS BaNCS to a Digital First, Cloud First approach, fostering greater agility, scalability, and automation for our clients. Before 2020, financial services firms were aiming to achieve a balance between the digital and physical, which was often weighted towards the physical. Now, these same... read more

TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter #33

11th April 2021

In this edition of the TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter, we highlight several trusted partnerships along with insights from our solution experts and SMEs. What stood out in the period that we put this magazine together were the number of projects that went live and the increased and novel ways in which we are now engaging with our clients and other... read more

CBDC Research Overview & Conceptual Model

8th April 2021

Company: R3
This latest report from R3 provides a map for contextualizing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Working Group's research findings, and highlights considerations relevant to the issuance, governance and facilitation of a CBDC. read more

Case Study: FundCount Brings Greater Efficiency to the Lupton Family Office

7th April 2021

Company: FundCount
FundCount's integrated portfolio and partnership accounting software brings greater visibility and efficiency to the Lupton single family office. A review process that once took as much as three days can now be accomplished in a single day. Download the case study to learn more. read more

Path Solutions shares the success of its Sharia-compliant implementations

7th April 2021

Company: Path Solutions
Path Solutions is demonstrating a track record of successful implementation experiences with its Sharia-compliant solutions for banks and microfinance companies around the world. See what Mohammed Kaka, Chief Operating Officer at Al Baraka Bank South Africa, Youssef Baghdadi, General Manager of Bank Assafa Morocco, and Mohamed Abdirahman Malin,... read more

Introduction to Enuit LLC

6th April 2021

Company: Enuit llc
ENUIT® provides ETRM / CTRM solutions for global energy and commodities trading companies. We give our customers complete visibility, insight and control over their business operations helping them to remain competitive and make quick and informed decisions that affect the bottom line. Whatever you trade, wherever you trade our universal trade... read more

Is It Time to Replace Your ETRM / CTRM

6th April 2021

Company: Enuit llc
Many legacy ETRM / CTRMs solutions were developed on old client/server technologies now being withdrawn by their supplier, like Power Builder, for example. Support for these technologies is no longer available and the skills to support them in the market have more or less dried up and become very expensive, meaning it is now often imperative to... read more