Capital Markets Digital Transformation - Stepping Up the Pace

20th January 2021

Digital transformation in Banking and Capital Markets has been a ‘thing’ now for quite some years. This article outlines a practical approach for the sector to accelerate that transformation read more

Reconciliation in the Cloud

20th January 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
Discover ReconArt ’s web-based matching technology and avoid opening another spreadsheet. read more

Integrated data management and analytics – A Research Paper

19th January 2021

Company: alveo
Integrated data management and analytics – Why it’s the future for financial services New research commissioned by Alveo, polling data scientists in financial services firms across the UK, US, and Asia, highlights the scale of the challenge. In the Alveo survey, just 35% of data scientist respondents said the data management systems and... read more

A Major Global Bank’s use of Alveo's Alpha

19th January 2021

Company: alveo
With Alpha, the bank has established a highly scalable Risk Factor repository that empowers a wide variety of users and ensures high-quality, fully traceable market data. Alpha and the existing Alveo solution in place allow the bank to bring market data analytics and data management closer together. read more

Welcome to the Fall 2020 Issue of Path Bulletin!

19th January 2021

Company: Path Solutions
HOT OFF THE PRESS! Our Bulletin Fall 2020 edition has just been released! Check it out for company news and updates. View highlights: - Ziraat Participation Bank, on the move to global expansion with iMAL - iMAL completes annual certification renewal exercise with AAOIFI - Path Solutions is the recipient of FINTECH Prize in two categories - Path... read more

How Banks are Fighting Back Against Disruptors With Real-time Payment Platforms

19th January 2021

Recent years have seen disruptors enter the cross-border payment space causing banks to lose grip on a significant revenue stream. Surveys indicate that banks account for less than 65% of today's market share and more than half of these customers are unhappy. Conversely, it has been reported that fintech solution providers are offering superior... read more


19th January 2021

In the recently released consultation paper on the EU Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy, the European Commission deals with the issue of how increased opportunities can be created for retail investors to reflect their sustainability preferences in investment decisions. read more

The role of transaction data in business activity monitoring

19th January 2021

Company: INTIX
Fintech Finance talked to Erik Zingmark, Head of Transaction Banking, Nordea, about the role of transaction data to address clients' needs in payments. Check out read more

Explaining Trading Benefits in the Peer Universe

18th January 2021

This document explains the trading benefits that happens when a manager is able to beat the mid-rate at a point in time, or an average of mid-rates over a window of time. Obviously, this can happen easily on a single trade with no timestamp measured vs. a benchmark like full-day ITAP (Interval Time Average Price), but how does it happen still when... read more