Cash flow forecasting reveals your company’s true liquidity

23rd January 2020

Company: Analyste
All organisations, large and small, need accurate cash flow forecasting to ensure real-time visibility. Learn how to get a clear view of your company's liquidity with Analyste read more

Research Report: Family Office Efficiency in Accounting & Investment Analysis

22nd January 2020

Company: FundCount
Family offices spend up to 40% of working hours on manual processes. This is just one of the many findings detailed in Family Office Focus: Efficiency in Accounting and Investment Analysis, a comprehensive research report by Family Wealth Report in partnership with FundCount. Download your free copy now. read more

The Evolution of Treasury Management in the FinTech era

20th January 2020

Company: Login S.A.
The Evolution of Treasury Management in the FinTech era: The rising challenges of Fintech trends, the global rise in financial regulation and international expansion of financial operations are driving the Treasury departments in banks to remodel and integrate their activities. read more

Acumen-net Central Bank TMS

17th January 2020

Company: Login S.A.
In addition to the standard modules of Acumen-net the solution includes several functions to cover the specific requirements of a Central Bank such as Reserve Management, Auction Management, Loans & Deposits Planning and Precious Metal Management. read more

How can Banks use Technology to Humanise Services?

17th January 2020

Company: Auriga
Many customers say banks can be faceless to deal with. A new concept called “banking for humanity” and popularised by a top fintech guru, attempts to remedy this. But, how can banks use technology to humanise their services and be more empathetic? This white paper considers some of the likely steps. read more

Cloud, a key enabler of open banking

16th January 2020

Company: GFT
In this interview on #cloud as a key enabler of open banking, GFT's Christian Ball emphasises the importance of cloud infrastructure to the open banking process and why firms need to grasp this crucial technology sooner rather than later. read more

2020 predictions for biometrics and digital identity

16th January 2020

Company: iProov
Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov shares his 2020 predictions for biometrics and digital identity: I think there are few more exciting sectors than biometrics and digital identity in 2020, and it's a privilege to be in the midst of it all. Many of the themes that we’ve talked about for years, from digital identity as a service to biometric... read more

Webinar - Avoid the Pitfalls of Manual Reconciliations

15th January 2020

Company: AutoRek
This AutoRek™ webinar considers common manual reconciliations challenges and how they can be solved: Manual reconciliations processes are time consuming and prone to error Difficulties handling high volumes of reconciliations Complexity of collating multiple sources with varying file and/or data formats into a single place Limited data... read more

Case Study: FundCount Brings Greater Efficiency to the Lupton Family Office

14th January 2020

Company: FundCount
FundCount's integrated portfolio and partnership accounting software brings greater visibility and efficiency to the Lupton single family office. Download the case study to learn more. read more