NXTsoft's Remote Work Essential Knowledge - Free Classes For Your Employees

27th March 2020

Company: NXTsoft
Educate your employees on the best security practices for working remotely with NXTSoft’s FREE 5 class e-learning series. Access now! NXTsoft has designed a series of 5 e-learning classes complete with 5 question quizzes to help you easily educate your staff on best practices for working remote. When working remotely security is still key! To... read more

Streamlining Accounts Payable

27th March 2020

Have you considered Accounts Payable Automation? Without a digitised process you may find that you are suffering needless expenses, inefficiency, lack of competitiveness and transparency. This whitepaper presents recommendations for Finance, Accounts Payable and Procure-To-Pay practitioners to move forward, featuring research and insights from The... read more

Free eBook: The Benefits of Real-Time Intraday Liquidity Management

26th March 2020

Company: Planixs
Banks and financial institutions influenced by intraday liquidity regulations have an opportunity to build a stronger, competitive position by improving their current liquidity management processes. Mastering Intraday Liquidity Management (ILM) offers benefits beyond compliance. Enhanced performance and operations, along with improved risk... read more

Bank Connectivity Whitepaper

25th March 2020

Company: OpusCapita
Bank Connectivity: The Ultimate Guide Considering the critical importance of bank connectivity, it’s a surprise that many corporations still make do with online banking tools and manual processes for uploading and downloading data. Your company’s bank connectivity solution impacts: The ease and security of your organization’s payments *... read more

Cash Forecasting Whitepaper

25th March 2020

Company: OpusCapita
* A comprehensive guide to modern cash forecasting * There’s only one thing that’s certain in business and that is that you need to make sure you have a clear view of your company’s cash flows and liquidity position. But how can you best achieve this? Are you dreaming up a storm of spreadsheet formulas? Now it’s time to put that aside and... read more

Automated Insurance Reconciliations

25th March 2020

Company: AutoRek
Reconciliations are a vital part of the insurance industry and many firms still use manual tools such as Excel to perform these key financial controls. Reconciliations are reliant on data that is high volume, complex and from multiple sources and formats, so error-prone manual processes increase operational risk while reducing transparency and... read more

Research Report: Family Office Efficiency in Accounting & Investment Analysis

25th March 2020

Company: FundCount
Family offices spend up to 40% of working hours on manual processes. This is just one of the many findings detailed in Family Office Focus: Efficiency in Accounting and Investment Analysis, a comprehensive research report by Family Wealth Report in partnership with FundCount. Download your free copy now. read more

How a Financial Advisor Conducts Full Business with Client Virtually

24th March 2020

In this short video, watch how a financial advisor conducts business with their client without being in the same physical location. The advisor and client review statements, collaborate on documents, fill out forms together, share documents, upload files and finally sign live while inside the conference session. Watch the video to the end to see a... read more

Digital Collaboration in Contract Management

24th March 2020

Make your contracting system fit for the future with modern collaboration tools and electronic signature solutions. In this whitepaper you will learn more about. Initialisation of the contract process Selection from standardised contract templates Approval of draft contracts via workflow Submission of draft contracts to contract partners... read more