Architect’s Guide to Digital Core Banking in the Cloud

13th June 2019

Company: Five Degrees
You can’t become a digital bank without core systems renewal. However, how do you ensure you won’t end up with the same legacy problems within a few years, despite setting up something new? The Architect’s Guide to Digital Core Banking in the Cloud helps you to define what is essential in building and implementing a future-proof core banking... read more

Out now: zeb's European Banking Study 2019 - Weathering the perfect storm!

11th June 2019

Company: zeb
Our sixth edition looks at the status quo of European banking with its current opportunities and issues. It presents quantitative simulations of the development over the next 5 years based on several economic scenarios from "Eurogloom" to "Euroboom". Moreover, we take a look at the topic of digitalization—showing how intensely the major European... read more

Extreme Remote Banking: How and Why Banks Should Make Investing a Priority?

11th June 2019

Company: Auriga
Extreme remote banking – a term encompassing the provision of banking services to extremely remote, rural communities – should be a key focus for every UK retail bank right now. Why? There are potential ramifications of new legislation on banks, as well as ethical debates around the accessibility of financial services in small communities. ... read more

Fusion DecisionPro: End-to-End Consumer Lending Solution

11th June 2019

Company: Finastra
Discover how Fusion DecisionPro can help you grow your consumer loan portfolio with an eye on risk. read more

FRTB - A Fundamental Change to Your Trading Business

5th June 2019

The start of this year saw the BIS release Document 457 titled Minimum Capital Requirements for Market Risk. The final version, more commonly referred to as the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB). So, the time is now set, the details are known, and the work can begin in earnest. Read our white paper to ensure you get the fundamentals... read more

SFTR Reporting - The New Kid on The Regulatory Reporting Block

5th June 2019

SFTR is intended to increase transparency in SFT markets. At its core is the requirement for all firms engaging in SFT to report their trades, with the exception of those with the ESCB, to an approved Trade Repository. The wide scope of firms caught by SFTR means that a lot of the “non-bank” or “shadow banking” sector will be caught, often... read more

European Asset Management Study 2019

28th May 2019

Company: zeb
Asset management is highly attractive as capital requirements are negligible. It is currently one of the most profitable markets with a high operating margin of 37% compared to only 34% in banking or 4 percent in insurance. The industry is also growing rapidly – by a stable 14% per year over the past half decade. Global megatrends are driving... read more


28th May 2019

Company: zeb
During the examination, external auditors got a detailed insight in the processes and the software. The re-certification of the zeb.control software concerned the general development process and the software platform as well as the modules ALM, Trading and Credit. It confirmed the quality of the whole solution once again. read more

Path Solutions' iMAL Islamic core banking platform

27th May 2019

Company: Path Solutions
Path Solutions’ iMAL Islamic Banking & Investment System is a powerful core banking platform specifically built from the ground up to support Sharia banking operations with vertical applications and delivery channels. It has been designed to meet the complex requirements of today’s Islamic financial institutions of any size, operating in any... read more