Article: Navigating new autocallables business challenges as a result of COVID

21st September 2020

Company: Murex
In a period when COVID-19 pandemic-related losses strongly impacted derivatives activity, the importance of a software solution for autocallables has been underscored. This article explores how the MX.3 solution provides support by leveraging its integrated platform model and strong investment in the autocallable business line. Download the... read more

What to Look for When Selecting a Treasury Management System

21st September 2020

As modern bank treasury managers have had to respond to increasing demands being placed on them, it has led to a sub-optimal Treasury Management System (TMS) strategy being deployed, especially when having to cope with their trading staff having to work remotely. Access to real-time systems that allow for active monitoring of P&L, position... read more

Finance Transformation War Stories

19th September 2020

Company: AccessPay
Are you in the middle of a tricky finance transformation project? Whether moving to the cloud, connecting systems, or automating finance processes, these resource-intensive projects are critical to get right the first time. Can you anticipate the problems that will cause failure? These war stories outline how to spot hurdles and implement... read more

How Asset Control Helped One Investment Management Company Meet its Key Goals

18th September 2020

Company: Asset Control
The company was looking for a flexible platform that would not impose rules but instead enable it to design data flows in any way it wanted. Added to this, it wanted to work not just with a provider but a partner, a company that could provide an expert professional services team, embedded within the organisation, to deliver consultancy and support... read more

Why Outsourcing Data Management Makes Sense for Asset Managers

18th September 2020

Company: Asset Control
Asset Control conducted a market survey to investigate shifts in service and delivery models for asset managers to help them effectively address these requirements. Paper Highlights: 45% | have invested in new technology to cope with new restrictions 26% | say that they mainly decide which elements of their data management to outsource by data... read more

Reconciliation & Exception Management – Should You Build or Buy?

18th September 2020

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
And that’s when the debate always starts: should you develop a reconciliation solution in-house, or should you buy an off-the-shelf product. Often the former appears cheaper, and sometimes even gives the appearance of being quicker or easier; however reality has proven time and time again that looks can be deceiving. So here are six great... read more

Retirement Income: Enriching Advisor-Investor Conversations with Technology

17th September 2020

Company: Tegra118
The conversation about retirement is changing and redefining financial planning. Market volatility has highlighted the need for safe and secure lifetime income. With millions of baby boomers retiring and seeking to preserve and stretch their nest eggs, advisors and investors can benefit from collaborative discussions that address their long-term... read more Brochure

17th September 2020

Company: Profile Software Brochure - modern integrated Banking platform global Financial Institutions - FinTech start-ups - Universal Banks, Private Banks, Islamic Banks, Auto & Leasing Institutions, Peer-to-Peer Lending / Crowdfunding platforms, Alternative Banking / Finance organisations and Digital Banks. read more

Research Report: Family Office Efficiency in Accounting & Investment Analysis

16th September 2020

Company: FundCount
Family offices spend up to 40% of working hours on manual processes. This is just one of the many findings detailed in Family Office Focus: Efficiency in Accounting and Investment Analysis, a comprehensive research report by Family Wealth Report in partnership with FundCount. Download your free copy now. read more