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Peter Kriskinans
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DealHub Quality of Service




DealHub’s Quality of Service layer takes pressure off downstream systems obviating the need for increased capacity or replacement of such systems.

Quality of Service is ideal for banks with high volumes of traffic attempting to force its way downstream into back office trading systems that are unable to cope with spikes in volume due to constraints on maximum throughput per second.

By prioritizing traffic according to key criteria including value date, deal type, ticket size, or by type including inter-bank, prime brokerage and small traffic, DealHub is able to streamline the queues to downstream back office trading systems, allowing an orderly optimized flow of tickets that uses the full capacity of the system within the maximum defined throughput limits available.


Benefits to Back Office

  • High value same day value tickets can be prioritized over spot traffic
  • Optimizes processing of flows where interbank traffic has priority over prime brokerage and small ticket/commercial transactions
  • Takes pressure off downstream systems obviating need for increased capacity or replacement of such systems

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