Designing Payment Processing Applications with Flux — New White Paper Released

23 August 2013

Today, Flux released a new white paper: Designing Payment Processing Applications with Flux.

This new white paper details the design of a highly-scalable payment processing application that uses the Flux file orchestration engine. This application is Flux eBAM for Banks, Flux's solution for electronic bank account management.

Payment processing workflows involve many straightforward paths of execution. Files are received, parsed, validated, reviewed, corrected, and balanced. Files are generally first-class and very visible objects within payment processing systems.

The white paper dives into the architectural details that allow software developers to build scalable payment processing systems that execute large volumes of files through payment workflows.

"The true power of file orchestration comes into play when developing payment processing systems. For the past several years, many mission-critical payment processing systems are in production using the Flux file orchestration engine, processing up to a trillion dollars a month in payments. Flux's capabilities are impressive," stated Ron Schultz, Flux COO.

Download the white paper Designing Payment Processing Applications with Flux HERE.

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