Allegro Announces Enhanced Logistics for Energy Commodities

Dallas, TX - 21 May 2012

Comprehensive Support for Multi-Mode Transport via Truck, Rail, Pipeline, Barge & Vessel

Allegro Development Corporation, a leading provider of energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software, announced today the release of Allegro Logistics 8.1, a component of the Allegro 8 platform that provides comprehensive management of multi-mode commodity transport. With automated processes for routing bulk and liquid commodities across multiple carrier modes, customers gain visibility into positions, inventory, exchange balances, product qualities, demurrage, and shipment costs. This maximizes scheduler productivity, provides transparency into transportation and logistics costs, and supports asset optimization.

Managing the complexities of physical commodity movements can be a challenging and costly aspect of business for energy companies, especially if operations involve global activity and multiple modes of transport. Companies need the transparency and tools to effectively manage physical positions and the transportation and storage of crude oil, refined products, coal, agricultural products, and others assets.

For more than two decades, Allegro has offered logistics management software with its Truck, Rail, Pipeline, Barge and Vessel components. Logistics 8.1 is a single component that combines the capabilities of all prior Allegro logistics components and adds advances in multi-mode logistics management. A significant business benefit for customers is that any customer using one of the prior logistics components now has access to the capabilities of all components -- with no additional software license fee for the new or additional logistics capabilities.

Logistics 8.1 tracks all counterparties, contracts, shipments, tariffs, fees, and product quality and offers efficient workflows to support schedulers and logistics personnel in achieving timely and accurate data entry, scheduling, and actualization. With the ability to see intermodal logistics in a single view, this Allegro 8 component provides:

  • Greater staff efficiency with streamlined planning and automated shipment creation based on pre-defined routes
  • Greater profitability and more favorable dispute resolution with the ability to calculate demurrage and despatch on shipments and comprehensive claims management through the negotiation and settlement process
  • Reduced logistics expenses with the ability to control timelines and costs by anticipating delays and proactively managing inventory shortages and bottlenecks
  • Enhanced decision making with improved shipment valuation and the ability to evaluate segments of activity by filtering information to view data for a single commodity, carrier mode, or geographical region

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