CDO Software Extends Product Suite to Investors and Trustees

8 December 2008

CDO Software, the leading software provider for synthetic CDO management, today announced the addition of two new products to their CDO Toolsâ„¢ application suite - CDO Investorâ„¢ and CDO Reporterâ„¢.

“In the current market, there is a recognised need for increased transparency and better surveillance of deals. Technology has become an essential part of monitoring, auditing and assessing deals and we have extended our product suite so that investors and trustees are equipped with critical tools to aid them in these challenging times” says Sunay Shah, CEO of CDO Software.

CDO Investor™ is the ideal tool to enable investors to monitor their deals and quickly evaluate profit-generating opportunities whilst understanding risks embedded in their current investments. The new tool empowers clients to run scenarios and independently carry out risk and valuations, giving them better insight and control of their investments. Shah comments, “Whilst there are many distressed asset buying opportunities out there, investors are reluctant to jump into deals until they have thoroughly evaluated the risks associated with any investment. Transparency, the timeliness of information and ability to evaluate deals quickly are at the heart of this process and pivotal to bringing back investor confidence.” CDO Investor™ is a controlled environment and incorporates an extensive reporting suite offering investors a wide spectrum of professional reports at the touch of a button.

The challenge for trustees is often the ability to provide monthly investor reports with ease and speed so that information is not out of date when distributed. The core functionality within CDO Reporter™ has been developed specifically for trustees. With a proficient upload of deals and market data as well as automated agency models, information can be accessed quickly, verified with confidence and distributed in a timely manner. Operational risks are eliminated as data is pushed straight into the extensive reporting suite, removing the need for manual processing; “The ability to run historical reports over time means that trustees can answer questions immediately, giving investors more confidence. CDO Reporter™ has been developed to increase efficiency whilst also saving time and costs” says Brett Paton, CTO and Co-founder.

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