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Indianapolis, IN - 1 November 2007

Fifteen telecom expense management suppliers were represented last week when professionals from across the industry gathered in Orlando, Florida for TEM Decisions '07. The event was produced by AOTMP for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Suppliers, and designed to share best practices and trends in enterprise telecom environment management.

"Our work at AOTMP has given us a unique position in the marketplace. We work with thousands of enterprise telecom end users each year through our certification and research programs, and many are actively seeking TEM solutions as part of their telecom environment management initiative," said AOTMP President and CEO Tim Lybrook. "TEM Decisions is our opportunity to share our first-hand experiences with TEM Suppliers, and to bridge the gap between suppliers and end users."

Participating organizations included: Accenture, Advantage IQ, Control Point Solutions, MDSL, PaeTec Communications, Perlego Systems, Quickcomm Software Solutions, RadiusPoint, Ring2 Conferencing, RadiusPoint, Roadpost, The Net Results Group, TNT Expense Management, Veramark Technologies, Vercuity Solutions, and Verizon Business. These organizations had representation from executive management, product management, sales and marketing, and development and engineering. Event attendees participated in sessions focused on understanding end user requirements and improving and expanding customer relationships.

"There was a great flow of information sharing from the TEM Suppliers, and the sessions generated many new ideas for supporting enterprises and customers," said Tim Colwell, AOTMP Vice President of Knowledge Operations. "Conference participants were clearly interested in gaining a better understanding of end user wants and needs."

AOTMP will publish a post-event brief entitled "New Rules for Improving Telecom Expense Management Engagements." The paper will be available to enterprise telecom professionals as a resource for managing their relationships with TEM Suppliers. TEM Decisions participating organizations were interviewed by AOTMP research staff and are profiled in the publication.

"It was great to work in a constructive way with TEM Suppliers who are seeking to improve their performance with their customers," said Joe Basili, AOTMP Vice President of Research. "I was impressed with the commitment to customer excellence from our attendees and I look forward to seeing how these TEM Suppliers work with their clients to achieve common goals."

TEM Decisions '07 was the industry's first event to focus exclusively on improving the lines of communication and engagement experience between TEM Suppliers and end users. TEM Decisions '08 will be held in the fall of 2008 and plans are currently underway.

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