Enterprise software system features both front- and back-office capabilities, improving efficiency, costs and customer relationships.

LONDON, February 24, 2005 – CHP Consulting Ltd., the leading provider of enterprise management software and consulting services to the global lease finance industry, today announced that its time-tested and proven ALFA lease transaction platform is now available to North American lessors.

Unlike most lease transaction systems currently found in North America, the breakthrough ALFA enterprise software platform features integrated front- and back-office capabilities, facilitating a truly seamless approach to lease origination and management. Other vendors rely on multiple software systems that do not always integrate easily and often cost more to operate.

For lessors, the CHP platform improves the efficiency of the lease finance process, enabling them to conduct more business than ever before with less costs, while enhancing their customer relationships.

The ALFA platform already is in place at more than 30 customer locations in Europe and Australasia. CHP customers include top banks, equipment manufacturers with captive-finance programs and finance companies.

"Based on a number of discussions we’ve had with existing customers, there appears to be a huge need in North America for an innovative product like the ALFA software platform," said CHP Director Andrew Denton. "To our knowledge, there is no other vendor that offers such an end-to-end system, from lease origination through asset disposal. Such functionality, combined with our unmatched knowledge of the equipment leasing industry, clearly sets CHP apart from others in North America."

From the lessor’s perspective, there are several benefits to using the ALFA platform, among them:

· Common workflow between front- and back-office operations, facilitating communications between the sales organization, credit and lease administration personnel.

· Common accounting engine, assuring pricing and evaluation processes are based on same financial parameters as those used by the back office personnel, helping eliminate mistakes.

· Common database, linking all important transaction information between front- and back-office.

· Common timing cues to alert the sales team of repeat lease sales opportunities and other chances to build stronger ties with lessees.

Based on its successful track record in Europe and Australasia, Denton expects strong interest in the ALFA technology platform from North American manufacturers with captive finance operations that want to expand into key overseas markets. The ALFA platform has evolved during the past decade to be particularly capable of handling large volume, complex lease operations.

CHP also announced the introduction of the new ALFA Web Tier module for the ALFA transaction platform. Built on existing XML technology, this application provides a new means for delivering the ALFA platform to customers with an improved Web interface. Using the Web Tier module, lessor sales teams, proposal generators, lease brokers and other key third parties have remote access to front-office services including lease quotation, receipt preparation and lease termination tools. This technology also facilitates outside inquiries from prospective customers.

"ALFA Web Tier provides a Web application framework that enables our customers to take ownership of their transaction channels – selling to anyone, anywhere," Denton said. "The flexible nature of this product means they can develop new channels to market as well as multiple white label offerings in a short amount of time with little assistance from us."

ALFA Web Tier uses J2EE technology to deliver a scalable solution on any Web server platform. It has access to the entire functional capability of the ALFA Systems solution using Web services to communicate with the XML-based, ALFA/XA Extended Architecture. Both ALFA Web Tier and the remaining ALFA Systems can serve as component parts of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) delivering true enterprise integration.

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