ACI Worldwide Selects Brixlogic Software for Testing IFX Based ATM& POS Solutions

SAN MATEO, CALIF – June 8th, 2004 – Brixlogic, a provider of Composite Data Services enablement software for the financial services industry, today announced that ACI has licensed the Brixlogic IFX Simulator software for development of ACI’s new IFX-based (Interactive Financial Exchange protocol) automated teller machine (ATM) & point-of-sale (POS) solutions. The Brixlogic IFX Simulator software will allow ACI’s software developers to quickly prototype and test IFX messaging between ATM terminals or POS devices and driving hosts (servers) at the messaging content level.

The IFX Business Message Specification Version 1.5 was released in January 2004 and contains significant new messaging standards for the automated teller machine (ATM) and point-of-sale (POS) channels. The new standards will allow better interoperability between banks and ATMs and POS channels. As a result, ATMs and POS channels will provide better self-service to customers, such as faster crediting of personal checks, stock trading and account to account money transfer.

James Perry, VP of Global Alliances and Market Planning at ACI Worldwide said, "By using Brixlogic’s IFX Simulator, we dramatically shortened our time to market as we were able to concentrate our development resources on building applications rather than on building the tools to develop them. Furthermore, as the Interactive Financial exchange protocols constantly evolves, Brixlogic IFX simulator’s ability to conform to new IFX versions guarantees that our tools will stay up-to-date."

"We are pleased that our software has been selected by ACI Worldwide for their IFX ATM & POS initiative," says Xavier Wartelle, CEO of Brixlogic. "ACI Worldwide and other ATM vendors have been all the more prone to adhering to the non-proprietary IFX standards, as they could leverage our unique technology to deliver faster multi-channel integration."

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