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Investit announces major new study of index data and benchmarks

Investit, a leading investment management consultancy, is launching a new study of the complexity and costs associated with the purchasing, collecting, and managing of index data and benchmarks. Peter Ellis, Managing Director at Investit said, “Our consulting and research work has identified growing concerns in the investment management community regarding these issues. For this reason we have decided to undertake a major study of this area."

The Investit study has four primary aims:
1. To identify the key issues in the area of index data and benchmarks.
2. To establish the extent to which these issues are affecting investment management firms.
3. To identify the approaches that should be taken to alleviate the issues.
4. To establish how the situation is likely to change over the next few years.

Ellis explained that a key component of the study will be an on-line survey of investment management firms: "Once we have collected the data from investment managers, we will produce a research paper containing an analysis of our key findings. Investment managers that take part in the survey will receive a copy of the research paper together with a full copy of the detailed survey findings." These deliverables will provide respondents with insight into the issues faced by the industry in the areas of index data and benchmarks. They will also provide an understanding as to whether the issues faced inside an investment manager are widespread or specific to that individual business. Ellis continued, "We will not be making all of this information available, free of charge, in the public domain; we want to keep some of it proprietary to those firms that take part in the survey. By taking part in this survey, people will get ideas on how to alleviate the impact of these issues on their business."

Participation in the study is free of charge, and those firms that participate will receive the research paper and the full survey report free of charge.