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Fiserv Completes 150th Online Ordering Site Installation

Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV), announced today that Jacksonville Savings Bank of Jacksonville, Ill., a Precision account processing client since 2008 with approximately $300 million in assets, has become the 150th financial institution this year to implement CustomSource, a web-based business documents ordering solution.

CustomSource from Fiserv delivers a fully-functional online viewing, ordering and proofing solution. The easy-to-use tool was customized based on the unique needs of Jacksonville Savings Bank, and is complete with document specifications, images and pricing. Utilizing variable, print-on-demand functionality, branch or administrative personnel can edit, proof and order operational forms in a single action. The features of the solution allow financial institutions to drive responsibility for forms inventory management to each branch location.

Consistent with its progressive business approach, Jacksonville Savings Bank recognized the automation provided by CustomSource could streamline the order process for operational forms while providing control in terms of the inventory held at each of the seven branch locations. Additionally, Jacksonville Savings Bank will now be able to globally implement any future form changes by modifying the online order template, thereby insuring that their forms are always in compliance and system compatible.

"The CustomSource solution added efficiencies to our whole process," said Matthew Cors, operations officer at Jacksonville Savings Bank. "Historically we had a centralized ordering process with one person responsible for almost everything. Now CustomSource allows us to drive the responsibility to the department level, to the people who know what they need when they need it, while still providing management the ability to control the process and manage spend."

An example of its processing core competency, CustomSource from Fiserv provides on-going order and fulfillment needs while minimizing the resources needed to manage this element of an institutions operation.

"CustomSource puts the client in control of when they place orders and how they manage their document inventory. The real-time nature of this online ordering tool provides exceptional benefit to both our clients as well as Fiserv in terms of operational efficiency," said Brad Brogan, Sales and Marketing director, Output Solutions, Fiserv. "With the overwhelming acceptance we have seen among our clients this year, we are planning for the next phase of development to include marketing resources; which should only accelerate client adoption of CustomSource."