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Etrali Brings Global Trading Rooms Together

21st February 2005, Paris -- Etrali, the leading provider of enterprise-integrated voice trading solutions and network services, has added an IP Gateway product to its Enterprise Trading platform. IP Gateway complements the current Time Division Multiplex Gateways family to interconnect distributed trading systems into a unified platform.

Gateways enable traders to quickly access their positions and lines from any trading floor globally. Using IP gateways makes it easier for clients to integrate trading floor voice traffic into their IP network. It has been beta tested by a major European brokerage house, and a number of other companies are also looking to implement the new module in the near future.

"TDM and IP gateways efficiently interconnect trading rooms across the globe, creating a single multi-site Enterprise Trading platform," says David Guerineau, Paris-based Connectivity Product Manager in charge of IP Gateway at Etrali. "It makes it easier to access one’s own familiar environment from any interconnected system when moving from one trade floor to another (free-seating) and organize work with groups globally, including morning calls and pass on positions to different markets in different time zones (follow the sun)."

With Etrali’s IP Gateway customers can use any combination of TDM or IP technology while at the same time taking advantage of the existing investments. It also means that they can move to an IP platform quickly and with minimum disruption when they decide to do so.

"IP Gateway gives our customers the capacity to evolve when the business is ready, rather than forcing them to change their entire architecture to take advantage of the corporate IP network," observes Guerineau. "What we are trying to do is ensure that the customers have control of their underlying technology strategy, rather than the technology itself setting the pace of change."

The IP Gateway has a number of advantages, including:

· Cost optimisation may be achieved through using the corporate network to transport trader’s voice

· Routing functions provided by IP ease the implementation of Disaster Recovery solutions

Interconnecting tradefloors through TDM or IP gateways offer:

· Cost optimisation through payment of local access rates for international calls

· All floors management can be carried out by a single central administrator, no matter where the seat is

· Traders moving from one trading floor to another can access their positions and lines as soon as they get to the trading floor

· Workgroups can now integrate across different trading floors, letting members share configurations to co-ordinate global work more efficiently