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London, 5 October 2004 - Level Four Software, the leading provider of ATM test and development software, has been selected by MUZO, the largest indirect payment processor in the Czech Republic, and majority-owned subsidiary of Global Payments Inc., (NYSE: GPN) to provide automated testing tools for Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) upgrades to its ATM network. MUZO has licensed key components from Level Four's ATM Channel Development Suite including ATM Simulator, EMV FastTrack and Load Group Manager, for end-to-end desktop testing and improved ATM network management.

MUZO will deploy Level Four's ATM Simulator with the EMV FastTrack plug-in for ATM simulation and testing of the upgrades required for EMV compliance. Level Four's tools will simulate the ATM hardware, software and connections to its host system, ACI BASE24®. EMV requires complex programming changes to ensure acceptance of the smart card. Level Four's ATM testing tools will connect to MUZO's ACI BASE24 host system as a simulated ATM, automate regression testing of EMV-based transactions and automate testing of all possible smart card fault scenarios.

MUZO has also licensed Level Four's Load Group Manager to simplify the management of load groups within an ATM download, resulting in a more efficient and controlled ATM network. A load group is a subset of ATM configuration data that is used by the host system, in this case, ACI BASE24, to manage changes to the ATM network. Level Four's Load Group Manager will enable MUZO to edit, update and test the ATM configuration data, improving efficiency and reducing costs of ATM development.

Operations director and board member at MUZO, Pavel Slepicka, said: "We want our customers to fully benefit from both the expected reduction in fraud and
the potential of multi-applications that EMV smart cards will bring. Level Four's EMV FastTrack plug-in with ATM Simulator will enable us to respond quickly to customer demands for the addition of new smart card applications.
This will improve the efficiency of testing and speed the deployment of new
EMV transaction processing capability through our extensive multi-vendor ATM

Martin Macmillan, CEO at Level Four Software said: "Some banks have estimated that with the move to EMV the number of tests required on ATMs will multiply as much as tenfold. As one of the leading payment processors in Central and Eastern Europe, MUZO is taking a proactive approach to EMV and is a significant addition to the Level Four client portfolio, as we continue to extend our global customer base. We believe Level Four Software will be the global ATM testing and development vendor of choice by 2005."

MUZO selected Level Four as it is the leading independent ATM testing vendor in Europe and has experience of working in Central Europe. MUZO is the third Central and Eastern Europe customer using the ACI BASE24 host system to select Level Four for its ATM Channel Development Suite.

Level Four's existing Central and Eastern Europe customers include Giro Bankcard and OTP Bank, both of whom have licensed the ATM Channel Development Suite for end-to-end ATM network testing and support of EMV upgrades. Other Level Four customers that are using the ACI BASE24 host system include Nationwide Building Society, LINK Interchange Network and Den norske Bank.