Treasury Management Systems

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Getting the most out of treasury management systems

Managing the financial activities of any business can be a difficult task and for those in control of treasuries in the banking and financial industries, it can be especially difficult. From the continuous influx of new or changing regulations, through to the labyrinth of considerations required to manage risk effectively, it's important to ensure that your treasury management system (TMS) will function to your exact requirements, while providing useful and insightful reports.

Treasury systems can provide a whole host of benefits to a corporate treasury and a business investing in and implementing treasury management software can expect an improvement in cash visibility and financial risk management, as well as enhancement of treasury efficiency and accuracy. However, treasury systems are only as good as the internal structure that supports them and companies that do not have sufficient infrastructures often find they do not get the most of our their TMS.

There are a number of treasury software tools available and bobsguide can help you find the best treasury management solutions for your company, including databases, analytics programs and workstations.

Selecting the right treasury management software

A company's treasury management system will consist of software, hardware and the staff running the technology. The TMS will be linked to information coming from both internal and external sources and it will perform a variety of transactions and other automated tasks while also providing analysis of funds and revenue. Treasury management systems can often be linked to other office applications or integrated as part of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

bobsguide has organised the various treasury systems into categories, helping you to efficiently narrow down your options and choose the best treasury software for your company's requirements.

Banking treasury management systems help banks optimise their asset and debt performance, while helping them minimize the needs for external funding.

Corporate finance TMS solutions help manage corporate finances by analyzing a variety of data, including funds, transactions, foreign exchange rates, market data and even third party information.

Deal capture TMS process and capture financial trades while providing real-time information such as news and prices.

Front office and middle office TMS software encompasses activities within the dealing room and helps manage treasury risks.

Cash flow treasury systems help companies monitor and analyze revenues and expenses, improving the flow of finances and maintaining both solvency and liquidity.

Corporate treasury management systems will analyze debt management, risk management, cash pooling and corporate finance.

Debt management TMS solutions will improve the processing and cash management of a debt portfolio while evaluating payments, cost and risk characteristics.

Treasury analytics systems incorporate software and services that analyze treasury data, examining trends and finding ways to improve asset management and cash liquidity, thus enhancing your overall business routines.

Finding treasury management solutions with bobsguide

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bobsguide provides an online showcase of recognised treasury management system vendors who provide the most up-to-date treasury management solutions. We can help those in the banking, finance and asset management sectors find the software, hardware, staff, courses and informational resources they need to ensure that their TMS is as fully functional and efficient as possible.