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Top Fintech Stocks to Watch in 2024

The fintech sector is booming, with companies like Marathon Digital and Block leading in digital payments, and others like Affirm and DraftKings innovating financial services. Investors should watch these stocks in 2024 for significant growth opportunities.

  • Editorial Team
  • April 11, 2024
  • 3 minutes

The fintech sector has been a driving force behind transforming how we manage and interact with our finances. From digital payments to online banking, fintech companies are reshaping the financial landscape. As we look ahead to 2024, several fintech stocks emerge as potential investments worth considering.

This industry has introduced innovative solutions that have permeated various financial spheres, from streamlining payments to enhancing investment management and lending accessibility. As we enter the second quarter of 2024, some fintech stocks stand out. Companies that have established leadership in their niches, continuously innovate, and adapt to changing consumer needs and regulations are poised for potential investment opportunities.

While highly competitive, the fintech space continues evolving. Investors should diligently research each company’s long-term sustainability, business model, potential risks, and rewards before investing.

The fintech sector has introduced substantial changes to financial services through innovation, convenience, and increased access. Companies embracing cutting-edge tech, customer-centric solutions, and adaptability may thrive, potentially presenting attractive investment prospects.

Digital Payments Take Centre Stage

One of the most significant areas of growth within fintech is digital payments. Companies like  Marathon Digital and Block (formerly Square) have been at the forefront of this revolution.

Marathon Digital, in particular, has seen a remarkable turnaround toward profitability in 2023, thanks to its focus on cryptocurrency mining and supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem. With a record fourth quarter in 2023, Marathon is poised to be a leading fintech stock in 2024.

Similarly, larger players like PayPal and Stripe have continued to make online and mobile payments more convenient and secure for businesses and individuals alike. The lending landscape has also evolved, with platforms like LendingClub and Prosper using data analytics to assess creditworthiness and provide tailored loan products, expanding access to credit.

E-Commerce and Electronic Payments

The e-commerce sector’s expansion has directly benefited fintech companies specialising in electronic payments and financial services. StoneCo and MercadoLibre are prime examples, with both companies experiencing significant growth in their respective markets.

StoneCo’s focus on integrating financial services and software operations has led to an impressive growth forecast, while MercadoLibre’s digital payment platform, Mercado Pago, continues to expand its user base.

Innovative Financial Services

Companies like Affirm Holdings and DraftKings are redefining financial services through innovative offerings. Affirm’s leadership in the buy-now, pay-later market and partnerships with major retailers like Amazon and Google Pay highlight its growth potential.

Meanwhile, DraftKings is capitalizing on the expanding online sports betting market, with expectations of significant revenue growth in 2024.

Traditional Players Embracing Fintech

Traditional banks now face competition from fintech startups offering user-friendly mobile apps, efficient account opening, and tools like automated budgeting and personalized financial insights. Chime, Ally Bank, and SoFi have gained traction by catering to tech-savvy consumers seeking transparency, accessibility, and control.

As a result, traditional financial institutions are starting to make waves in the fintech space. PayPal and Global Payments are examples of established companies undergoing transformations to stay competitive. PayPal’s reorganisation under new management and focus on growth, coupled with Global Payments’ acquisition strategies and dividend offerings, make them stocks to watch in the fintech sector.

Emerging Markets and Digital Transformation

The fintech revolution is not limited to the U.S. Toast and One97 Communications are making significant strides in emerging markets. Toast’s cloud-based restaurant management system is finding strength through specialization, while One97 Communications, the company behind Paytm, is focusing on profitability through digital payment and financial services in India.