Finding the services solution most suited to your needs is simple with Bobsguide. We list the most up-to-date technology in the services marketplace, from custom software development to outsourcing tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a services solution?

In the fast-paced and competitive business world, having access to the best software and services is a vital part of keeping ahead of your rivals.

Our services portal lists the expert offerings that are available to users, helping you to make the most of business opportunities. At Bobsguide, you can compare different recruitment and training consultancies, as well as a wide variety of financial technology products.

However, this is far from the only service provided by our website. All of our members can stay up to date with the latest news and developments from across the world of finance, while also getting details of relevant industry vacancies.

If you register with us today, you can make the most of all the services we provide. It is totally free to complete the registration process, as well as being very simple to do.

The types of service solution available

We have a wide range of software, hardware and solutions available for companies working in the financial services sector. Organizations which use our website can easily track down the offering they need to push their business forward.

Here at Bobsguide, we have placed the different types of services solutions available to our users into different categories, so it is as simple as possible to get hold of the one that is required.

In the ASP/SaaS section, we have listed the offerings of application service providers who provide customers with computer-based services over a network.

For companies running call centers, there is a category dealing with software systems and services that aid the handling of telephone sales and customer queries.

There is also a range of technology available that can assist with outsourcing/offshore development needs, with solutions on offer dealing with everything from risk management services to IT infrastructure.

System testing products are listed on Bobsguide as well, allowing companies to uncover any defects that run across an entire IT database, while custom software development is also covered.

Business process outsourcing solutions are available, with users able to access details of specialist third party providers who are qualified in a range of different business functions.

We also list recruiters who can help your company track down the best employees, as well as having a training portal dedicated to the organizations offering help with this aspect of business.

Find the best services with Bobsguide

Here at Bobsguide, we have carefully collated many of the different services on offer to companies involved in the financial industry. Technological solutions, hardware and consultancies are all listed on the site.

Register with us now and make the most of our varying services. It is totally free and all of our members are kept updated on what is going on in the global financial sector thanks to our dedicated news service.