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Scolaris Finance taps Sopra Banking Software’s SBP Core Amplitude solution

Scolaris Finance partners with Sopra Banking Software to implement the SBP Core Amplitude solution, aiming to enhance growth and expand market reach.

This collaboration is set to enhance Scolaris Finance’s capabilities, enabling it to offer more flexible and tailored financial solutions to students and professionals across Africa and Europe.

  • Editorial Team
  • June 11, 2024
  • 2 minutes

Scolaris Finance SA, a fintech company dedicated to providing education financing solutions, has announced a partnership with Sopra Banking Software (SBS) for the implementation of the SBP Core Amplitude solution. This move aims to accelerate Scolaris Finance’s development and enhance its ability to offer flexible, tailored financing solutions to students and professionals seeking education and training.

Dr. Simon Aziati, Chairman of the Board of Scolaris Finance, emphasised the importance of this partnership, stating, “The adoption of the SBP Core Amplitude solution is a crucial step to boost our expansion.”

The decision to collaborate with SBS was influenced by the vendor’s extensive regional and international experience, which includes successful integrations with Newbury Building Society in the UK and KCB Bank Kenya.

Operating in nine markets across Africa and Europe, Scolaris Finance aims to democratise access to financial credit services for educators and students. The SBP Core Amplitude solution will play a pivotal role in this mission by providing a robust information system that supports the company’s growth and development.

Auguste Bertrand, Head of MEA at Sopra Banking Software, expressed pride in supporting Scolaris Finance, stating, “We are very proud to support Scolaris Finance SA in this project, which marks the beginning of a strong partnership between our two companies.”

Founded in 2022, Scolaris Finance offers a range of student finance savings and lending products, including a study credit simulator. These tools are designed to meet the unique needs of students and professionals, promoting education for all by providing essential resources for financing studies.

Supporting a social mission

The partnership with SBS is not just about technological advancement; it also aligns with Scolaris Finance’s social mission. By strengthening Scolaris’s capabilities, the SBP Core Amplitude solution will improve the fintech’s efficiency in fulfilling its goal of providing accessible financial services to underserved communities.

“This partnership has a dual significant impact: on the one hand, it supports Scolaris in its growth, and on the other, it provides a robust information system that fosters its development and supports families and students,” said Aziati. “By strengthening Scolaris’s capabilities, SBS helps improve the fintech’s efficiency in fulfilling its social mission.”