Risk Management Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

About risk management systems

Firms within the financial sector face risk on a daily basis and it’s important to have a risk management system (RMS) in place to ensure that threats are dealt with quickly so that they do not cause implications for the business.

Today, the risks are even higher due to new technologies and the advancement of digital technology. Cloud computing, mobile payments and big data are a few key trends that have enabled businesses to provide new services, save costs and find out more about their customers and clients but have also led to more risks. Now more than ever should the best risk software be a vital part of your organisation.

Financial organisations through to corporations and insurance companies need effective and robust risk management solutions in order to determine risk and make strategic decisions around these findings. Not just due to regulations in the sector, but to protect the company in uncertain financial markets. Risk management systems can also provide protection against project failures, legal issues, natural disasters, accidents and security breaches.

Risk management systems will help an organisation identify the risks and security issues associated with their business and assets. Once these threats have been established, risk systems should endeavour to measure the risks and prepare strategies to minimise them. These strategies should be carried out and continuously monitored to ensure that they are effective and still required.

Choosing the right risk management software

Successful risk systems will comprise of a variety of software packages, hardware elements and a well-trained staff capable of organising, implementing and maintaining the RMS. The systems will generally receive information from internal and external sources and they should be linked together so that they can adequately integrate and analyze the data as it becomes available.

With the wide range of resources available to you from bobsguide, we have arranged them into categories to make it easier for you to choose which risk systems are appropriate for your company's needs. These solutions are offered by industry leading risk management system vendors who are known for their innovative and resourceful products.

Collateral management systems are generally software applications that concentrate on the mitigation of credit risk with counterparts through regular collateralization.

Margin RMS solutions allow traders to efficiently use their capital by means of leverage. They also provide safeguards against counterparty risk.

Structured finance solutions is a field of RMS that incorporates a variety of software, systems and tools that convert cash flows into secure financial instruments.

Behavior detection and predictive analytics systems pro-actively identify trends that may lead to unacceptable risks or non-compliance.

Credit RMS can help businesses plan future investments by monitoring, assessing and reporting credit risks.

Liquidity RMS explore the risk of a company becoming unable to meet their imminent financial demands.

Market RMS analyse market risks such as equity, interest rates, currency conversions and commodities.

Risk analytics and Risk databases can work together to calculate, measure and analyze an organisation's threats and to store the information for further examination.

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