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Xenomorph London Office Head Office

4th Floor 10 Lloyd's Avenue

Xenomorph New York Office

80 Broad Street 5th Floor
New York


+44 (0)20 77789400


Lucinda Kingswood
[email protected]

Xenomorph EDM

Xenomorph's Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution encompasses the high performance capture, cleansing, storage, integration, analysis and distribution of reference, historical, real-time and derived data for any financial asset class.

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TimeScape EDM+

Xenomorph’s TimeScape EDM+ platform delivers the traditional EDM tasks: data capture, processing, storage and export; but also handles, with ease, the new and emerging requirements of data governance, complex asset classes, sophisticated validation and business intelligence. TimeScape EDM+ is designed for the enterprisewide management of data and covers the full end-to-end process from raw data …

TimeScape Data Analysis/Decision Support

Lightning-fast data analysis and end-user tools for exploring vast quantities of any type of historic data. They can be used wherever and however clients want, for example within Excel, Web, or within their own application. In addition to the hundreds of built-in analytical functions that come as standard, TimeScape allows clients to add their own …

TimeScape Derivatives/Product Valuation Management

TimeScape's Pricing Services provides the centralised and dynamic management of the linkage between data, curves and pricing models, enabling derivatives operations to scale with business requirements and minimises the need for spreadsheet management of more complex trades. For more information on TimeScape Derivatives/Product Valuation Management please visit: