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Velocity for Equities

Velocity for Equities is a high performance solution used widely for tick data management allowing users to perform real-time and historical market data analysis in a single CEP platform. Existing client implementations include applications for pre-trade analysis, algorithmic trading, customized VWAP calculations, transaction cost analysis (TCA), quantitative analysis, and regulatory compliance for MiFID and Reg NMS. Velocity for Equities gives users the ability to crunch massive amounts of real-time and historical data in milliseconds for concise analysis that provides brokers and hedge funds with a clear competitive trading advantage.

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Vhayu Velocity™

The Vhayu Velocity™ market data analysis platform delivers the fastest, easiest-to-use real-time software solutions to brokers, hedge funds, alternative trading systems and exchanges for the capture and high-speed analysis of massive amounts of streaming, historical and proprietary data.

Velocity Order Book Analyzer

Velocity Order Book Analyzer was designed specifically for advanced trading to capture, store and analyze every bid and offer across every market center in real-time giving firms a powerful way to bolster the analytic capabilities and capacity required for pre and post trade analytics, MiFID and Reg NMS compliance. Vhayu currently provides feed handlers for Lava …

Velocity Squeezer

Squeezer is Vhayu’s patent-pending hybrid solution, which integrates FPGA hardware and Vhayu Velocity to deliver at least 4x compression of all Velocity data, with no performance penalty and enterprise-level fault tolerance. Squeezer allows businesses to expand the amount of market data stored, monitored and managed to create better analytics, valuation models and strategies, and to …