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UL FIX - free FIX engine

UL FIX is the most easy-to-use FIX engine for financial institutions willing to adopt the FIX protocol. In an effort to facilitate the implementation of FIX, ULLINK offers this engine as a free download. UL FIX has been independently tested and recognized as the fastest solution available on the market.


Key technical benefits include:


-     Pure Java-based (small footprint, no third-party library is required)

-     Unlimited message size (messages are decoded tag by tag from the stream)

-     Modular persistence (file persistence provided)

-     Modular transport layer (TCP/IP and SSL transport provided)

-     Raw FIX message listener (i.e. for logging purposes)

-     etc.


Key functional benefits include:


-     Full FIX support (all versions)

-     Automatic header/trailer construction

-     Acts as both Initiator and Acceptor

-     Repeating groups, infinite loop detection

-     ResetSeqNumFlag support

-     Multiple validation: CompID, Checksum, SendingTime accuracy

-     Heartbeat timeout

-     etc.


The UL FIX is free but it is fully supported! Our service policy is to deliver much more than a product. Once you downloaded UL FIX, our support team will provide free UL FIX support to UL NET members and ULLINK clients (Monday – Friday, 08:00 to 19:00 GMT+1).



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