TradeSmart OEMS

TradeSmart OEMS is a market-leading, cloud-based, multi-broker, multi-asset class trading platform.

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Advent Geneva hosting

GNS provides specialized application hosting in our private cloud. We are proficient in the use of all major trading and accounting systems with over 150 clients using our services to support their mission critical applications. Unlike most hosting firms, we provide expert application knowledge, DBA support, and custom scripting for operation automation as part of …

Crypto Data API

Aggregated Data feed from Crypto Exchanges that updates in real-time. Includes tick prices and trade data for over 50+ cryptocurrencies.

The #NextGenBranch

Brochure | The #NextGenBranch The solutions that leverages advanced self-service and an integrated omnichannel software platform, creating a branch where technology has a pivotal role, to increase process efficiency and optimize performance. Get in touch with us Visit our website and download the brochure.