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TRAD/X – Trading System

TRAD/X is a robust trading system for Equities,Fixed Income securities,FX,Commodities and Futures in a single platform with built-in risk management controls.Trading:Auctions,Bilateral (OTC),Central Counterparty.Pre-trade/Post-trade risk management.Support of SWIFT(ISO15022, 20022) and FIX protocols

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RTS/X is a full-functional RTGS solution

RTS/X is a full-functional RTGS solution with enhanced monitoring and liquidity management facilities, DvP/PvP. RTS/X implementation allows achieving a very good price/performance ratio in comparison with a typical numbers in similar projects. The system is successfully implemented in 40 countries.

BCS/X - New Generation Clearing Solution

Low-value payments processing solution with unlimited capacity of custom instruments support.BCS/X solution provides extensive service of modern bulk clearing in real-time & 24/7 mode for P2P payments,direct debits,direct credits,cheques,remittances,bill payments and unlimited set custom instruments

IFTS - Instant Funds Transfer System

IFTS is multifunctional online instant payments system that offers a range of funds transfer/collection services covering all of country’s economic sectors,from individual remittance transfers to government and large corporate institutions payments.The system greatly improves bill payment services.