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Synergy Document Management

Synergy Document Management

The Synergy Document Management platform, which consists of eight integrated modules, enables banks of all sizes to securely capture, archive, retrieve, and distribute report data, electronic documents, and check images. Regardless of system origin, format, or layout this sophisticated solution supports all forms of document content. The content of stored documents can be searched with free-form, natural language searches rather than complicated indexes and inconclusive keywords. Unlike traditional document storage and retrieval systems, ProfitStars’ Synergy Document  Management solution ensures data integrity and security by providing access to only the document images. The ability to create a secure, central document repository with immediate desktop delivery of archived documents improves enterprise-wide productivity and effectiveness, streamlines operations, supports better informed and timelier decisions, and enhances customer service and responsiveness.

 Synergy Reports leverages COLD technology to fully automate report capture and retrieval; and create a centralized warehouse of all imaged reports, statements, and notices. This report repository provides a single point of data access and immediate desktop retrieval via the Internet, LAN, or standalone PC. The module accepts output from core processing systems and most business applications. The robust module also ensures data security and integrity by providing access to report images with all original report data remaining intact and un-manipulated.

 Synergy DataMart Export provides the advanced functionality to perform simple data analysis with the ability to automatically extract and import COLD report data into the leading SQL-based database management applications. The extracts can be based on user-defined templates and user-defined intervals, including daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand. The extracted data also can be accessed using popular data mining solutions such as Business Objects®, Monarch®, or Microsoft® Excel®.

Synergy Document Management leverages the latest imaging and storage technology to provide an enterprise-wide electronic knowledge management solution that captures, stores, and accesses all of the documents banks use, including loan applications, customer e-mails, and correspondence. A sophisticated version management utility is available, and Internet- or network-based document access is available.

 Synergy Check Archive leverages the cost savings and operational efficiencies generated by check imaging platforms by archiving check images, checking account statements, and other related documents; and providing immediate retrieval and electronic distribution. The front and back of each check can be viewed, multiple checks can be viewed simultaneously, and notations can be made on check images. Returned check annotation features are provided as well as basic fraud detection capabilities with the ability to visually compare check signatures with electronically stored signature cards. The module easily integrates with industry-leading hardware transports.

 Synergy API Integration Toolkit enables banks to expand their Internet banking services by providing customers with online access to institution-defined documents, including historical account statements, notices, and check images. The completely customizable, parameter-driven module empowers banks with complete control over the exact documents available for Internet-based access and viewing.

 Synergy Workflow Management automates enterprise-wide workflow, streamlines business processes and procedures, improves operating efficiency, and enhances customer service by automatically routing electronic documents to decision makers and key personal. This automated workflow can mirror a bank’s established processes with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface used to design and maintain dynamic workflows.

Synergy PowerSearch enables users to easily and quickly search stored report data, electronic documents, check images, and external file system documents with free-form, natural language searches. This sophisticated module performs exact searches or content-based searches without index values or complex queries, and compensates for human errors such as misspellings and typos.

 Synergy eDistribution improves operating efficiency and productivity by automating the scheduling and electronic delivery of one-time and recurring statements, notices, and other customer and employee communications. The electronic documents can be delivered as encrypted e-mail attachments or as e-mail notifications with embedded links that provide seamless access to the respective documents. Traditional statement stuffers, such as new product/service promotions, also can be efficiently delivered electronically.

Synergy eSignature allows customers to sign electronic documents with a handwritten signature, and then permanently embeds the signature in an imaged document. This signature technology eliminates the time and resources required to scan or copy paper documents that require signatures or initials. By replacing this time-consuming manual method with electronic signature capture, banks can improve their overall ROI through enhanced process efficiencies.

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