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Softek Wealth Management – Credit Management Solutions

Softek offers a range of credit and exposure based services to global wealth management firms allowing them to monitor client margin as well as a range of firm/branch exposure reports which highlight the accounts to focus on. Clients also make use of stress testing scenarios which incorporate margin

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Softek Capital Markets - Credit Management Solutions

Softek provides overnight and intraday credit management solutions for global financial institutions allowing them to have visibility and control over the external extension of credit. Securities/margin lending and counterparty credit exposure calculations based on regulatory or house policy.

Softek Capital Markets - Stress Testing Solutions

Softek offers fully customisable stress testing across firm, business unit, or accounts including the recalculation of regulatory capital requirement and/or client available credit as a result of each scenario. A range of solutions are available to allow clients to meet house or regulatory standards

Softek Capital Markets - Margin Reconciliation/Optimisation

Softek offers a range of margin reconciliation, optimisation and WhatIf services for buy-side firms looking to assess the margin calculations calculated by their prime brokers. Softek leverages its knowledge of global prime brokerages credit policies providing consultancy and educational services.