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siena Rate Manager

siena Rate Manager – Maximum Speed, Ultimate Control

For organisations with a requirement to generate and distribute pricing, the foundation must be a high performance, highly functional rate engine which provides essential fingertip control. In the past, many organisations have made significant investments in building their own pricing engine to capitalise on the revenue opportunity presented by e-trading, which is a time consuming and costly process. 

siena Rate Manager provides an out of the box, flexible, cost effective solution built on best  practice technology and  architecture, helping  forward thinking organisations to gain access to and exploit the revenue streams offered by e-trading, quickly and efficiently.

siena Rate Manager automates the essential functions for organisations engaged in e-trading, enabling them to accept and consolidate multiple rate sources, blend, spread and skew prices, then sanity check them against configurable market tolerance and volatility benchmarks. The resultant base prices can then be tailored to ensure theright price is published to each venue/customer.

Deliver the Right Price at the Right Time. Every Time

On many  multi-bank  platforms,  the range of prices  is extremely narrow,  whichoften leads to dealing on the first good  price available, rather  than  the best  price.Under highly competitive market conditions it is imperative for successful market makers toensure that their pricesreachtheir customers faster than the competition. siena Rate Manager delivers reliable, robust rateswith a market leading near-zerolatency.

Key Benefits:

• The ability to source rates from multiple feeds/ sources

• A varietyof filters to ensure high quality rates

• A selection of existing blenders coupled with the ability to plug in your bespoke algorithms

• Fingertip controls

• Full control over rate publishing to any number of venues

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