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Secure e-Statement Delivery

When it comes to banking, providing new value-added services like electronic statements is a great way to increase client loyalty, retention, and activity. Just ask one of the world’s biggest banks, who is using a network-based solution from EasyLink to deliver e-statements to their clients. The bank knew that if they didn’t provide their clients with digital statements, their clients would find someone who could. To put it another way: If you’re still mailing paper-based statements to your clients, it’s time to talk to EasyLink

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Mortgage & Retail Lending -

Got a “paper problem”?…EasyLink automates the collection, verification, and imaging of fax and paper-based forms to seamlessly convert and move information into back-office systems, such as loan origination or underwriting systems. Whether you’re receiving credit applications for mortgage or auto loans, or sending and receiving information and documentation related to origination, closing, or servicing, EasyLink’s …

Commercial Banking and Back-office Operations

Funds transfers. Trade confirmations. Letters of Credit. Payments. Foreign exchange… these transactions are the lifeline of your business. EasyLink’s flexible outsourced global messaging and transaction management solutions help leading banks execute their key business transactions faster and more securely, converting and delivering messages to and from virtually any format – including fax, telex, EDI, XML, …