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James Hickey
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Savant is a preemptive software solution that eliminates the spread of known and unknown malware and makes computing systems impervious to the injection of malicious applications, scripts or changes to a system’s existing soft infrastructure. Savant does not use inoculations, scanning or lists.

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Data Proximity Encryption for Mobile Devices

Data Proximity Encryption provides access to critical, proprietary data only when directly connected to the enterprise.It allows corporations to limit use of critical data files only when actively connected to the enterprise, providing a critical level of security should system/disk be compromised

Application Whitelisting

Savant enables organizations to regain control of their environment by controlling which applications can run on each workstation, server or point of sale device. Savant stops all unauthorized software from running, whether it is malicious code, shareware or simply unwanted software.

Savant Application Inventory and USB Lockdown

Savant allows organizations to lockdown servers, workstations and devices to prevent unauthorized software and and malware from executing. When installed, Savant reports a complete inventory of all applications installed on each device. USB storage devices can be disabled by simply checking a box.