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Retail Banking: Investing and Saving

Open up the world of digital savings and investment for new and existing customers with a fully automated digital investment solution. The modular architecture of the platform can quickly and easily be configured to enable banks to deliver on the needs of customers and access new revenue streams.

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Financial Planning

Empower your customers to plan for their family's future with a personalised, automated portfolio. Enable your customers to plan for key life stages and events using simulation and forecasting, and help them reach their goals with an adjustable, automated portfolio. Engage your customers: Analyse each customer’s situation with existing information. Engage users through personalised goal-setting. Provide …

Goal-based Saving & Investing

Increase your revenue per customer by removing the barriers to investing. Increase your customers’ ability to save and enable them to effortlessly take their first steps into investing with AI-powered tools. From round-ups to retirement planning, helping your customers achieve their goals has never been easier. Re-engage your customers: Propose the right product for their unique …

Robo Investing

Increase your revenue per customer by offering an automated investment solution. Empower your customers to put their investments on auto-pilot. This fully digital experience builds and manages portfolios, giving you the flexibility to offer a set of model or individual and themed portfolios. With full automation across the entire value chain, customers get a totally seamless …