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Brdiget Charles
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Rapid-AXS (TM)

Rapid-AXS™ is a component of the AXS-One Compliance Platform™ that delivers ground-breaking “rapid access” search performance across massive volumes of archived data, leveraging low-cost commodity hardware.  The patent-pending technology was developed specifically to help companies search through massive volumes of data, locate and retrieve content with speed, accuracy and flexibility. Meeting the demands for records compliance management, Rapid-AXS takes advantage of grid computing architecture to deliver fast and tunable search performances.

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AXS-One Enterprise Content Management

The AXS-One Enterprise Content Management solutions are scalable, secure archival and collaboration platforms which manage content from line-of-business and legacy systems. Providing solutions for CRM, COLD/ERM, content presentment, electronic self-service and process management, AXS-One Enterprise Content Management solutions provide consistent access throughout the enterprise. Offering support for such business content as reports, images, E-mail, ERP …

AXS-One Information Lifecycle Management

Information Lifecycle Management from AXS-One allows a company to manage information across the whole organisation, rather than store it in separate best-of-breed departmental systems separate from enterprise-wide communications systems. It can combine transactional information with electronic mail and other unstructured information, so you are in a better position to make decisions, manage the business, react …

AXS-Link for SAP™ R/3®

AXS-Link for SAP™ R/3® utilises SAP ArchiveLink® to link the R/3 System with optical and other archive storage systems. AXS-Link is a cross-application interface providing R/3 business applications with archive functionality. Users can archive, display and retrieve SAP print lists, incoming and outgoing documents and SAP data. AXS-Link for SAP R/3 provides a seamless interface …