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PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting

ALM and Budgeting Solutions for Managing Risk

Reliable information is the key to successful risk management. PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting, the financial industry’s leading financial management tool, provides a strategic approach to managing risk by closely integrating banks’ initiatives with their asset liability management (ALM) program.

PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting allows banks to track scenarios with built-in strategic monitors that automatically create audit trails. Multiple scenarios can be created and compared to determine the most profitable strategic direction.

The Interest Rate Sensitivity and NEV shocks of PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting allow a bank to meet regulatory interest rate risk requirements and determine values for FAS107 reporting.

The budgeting process is simplified with PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting by the institution’s ability to generate user-defined scenarios and projections. Variance reports and graphs can also be created instantly based on custom settings.

PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting makes managing ALM and budgeting easy with flexible data imports and an integrated database; true integration with Profitstars’ cost accounting software, PROFITability®; standard or custom reports; full-color graphs; custom report packets; and outstanding client education and support.

This risk management system is designed to grow with a bank to meet the ALM and budgeting needs of smaller institutions – to larger, multibillion dollar holding companies. In addition to its superior functionality, PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting is widely known as the most user-friendly system on the market today.

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