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Celine Despoix
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Proactive Cloud Automation

Automate the deployment of complex multi-VMs applications. You set and control application elasticity with automated scaling-up and down, horizontally and vertically. Once you define the service deployment, you are able to deploy anywhere with workflow reversibility. on-prem, multi/hybrid cloud

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ProActive Big Data Automation

Big Data Automation take benefit of Proactive workflow & scheduling features to allow to Schedule and Meta-Schedule all Big Data frameworks. it provides users with the capacity to distribute executions and manage data transfers on other Desktop machines, Clusters, Grids and Clouds.

Proactive Machine Learning Open Studio

Proactive MLOS combined with workflow and scheduling will let you industrialise your Machine Learning processes. You can implement your ML process with pre/post processing operation and deploy your algorithm on any plateforme, taking benefit of the Cloud computation.

ProActive Workflow & Scheduling

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling allows you to easily execute all your company jobs and business applications, monitor activity and quickly access job results. Allowing your IT to scale up and down according to your actual workload, it will ensure the optimal match between disponibilty and cost.