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Hitec Laboratories 945 Concord Street Framingham MA 01701-4613


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Belinda Sibley
[email protected]

PolicyHub Policy & Procedure Management

PolicyHub automates the process of creation, dissemination, audited electronic delivery and understanding measurement of Statutory Compliance, and Internal Policies & Procedures. It provides Managers with the ability to prove beyond doubt to Regulators, Internal Auditors, District Auditors and Board Members that Statutory Compliance & Internal Policies & Procedure best practices are accurately deployed, communicated and implemented.

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DataStoreDSX is a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that delivers end-to-end control of all the content across your organisation, regardless of its original form. Scanned documents, text files, images, word documents, emails, print streams and spreadsheets –  many enterprises today are struggling with content chaos. DataStoreDSX gives complete control over the location, accessibility, archival, …

Ten® Risk Manager

Ten® is a structured end-to-end browser based Risk Management framework, designed to help Managers and appropriate staff within the organisation identify risks across the enterprise in a cost effective manner; to measure and assess the potential impact of these risks; to determine an acceptable level of exposure (risk appetite); and then to implement and manage …