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Ana Olmos
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PayStudio Private Label

PayStudio Private Label is the ideal solution for companies to have quick access to the advantages of a private credit card fully customized, including all specificities of the business practice. Therefore it was designed with robust, flexible parameters to offer versatility and adaptability.

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Fraud Detection, online monitoring with Detection Engine/AC.

Our solution provides a powerful and highly sophisticated transactional detection engine in a broad sense, (non-financial and financial), which provides interfaces and modeling for any transactional system, which is of particular importance to the comprehensive analysis of suspicious activity.

PayStudio Advanced Authorization System (AAS)

PayStudio AAS is the switching and management platform for authorizations of PayTrue solutions. It was developed for WebSphere and is highly parameterizable. Its web management interface allows changes to the original configuration as well as a follow-up of activities and status reports.

PayStudio POC Pointer

PayStudio POC Pointer is a tool for detection of significant points of compromise, and proven effectiveness in real environments performing large volumes of information. Provides legitimate evidence that supports field investigations later, associating each POC all the evidence related.