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Orbit-R, system for microfinance

Orbit-R is a functionally rich banking solution, designed to deliver distributed, regionalised or centralised solutions to all the needs of modern micro banks and microfinance institutions and its diverse business areas.

Orbit-R uses a central Relationship Information Management(RIM) facility to integrate account data, Transaction activity, outside financial data, Marketing information, and relationships with other customers. Orbit-R MFI is relationship-centric rather than product-centric as everything revolves around customer relationships.

The Orbit-R RIM enables to categorise customers by a wide range of characteristics for segmentation, analysis and reporting. The ability for a bank to quickly access comprehensive customer information is paramount in today’s competitive micro banking/MFI industry.

The fully integrated Orbit-R system is designed with the needs of the users in mind. Neptune recognises that the combination of speed and accuracy is extremely crucial to achieve quality customer service and maintain competitive market advantage. Therefore the system’s graphical environment allows users to select transactions and other activities quickly by clicking on icons and symbols and by choosing textual options from predefined lists. Orbit-R is therefore a system that makes banking processing a lot easier, thereby saving time, ensuring accuracy and enhancing productivity.

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