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Alvin Martin
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Optial Insurance


Aon Global Risk Consulting and Optial (UK) Limited have collaborated to create the first
truly integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance system for the commercial insurance
sector: GRC Platform.

GRC Platform facilitates the connection of board level vision and strategy with real day
to day operational controls and processes, thereby defining and realising a clear
operating model.

The rich functionality of the Optial solution combined with the subject matter expertise
of the Aon team produced a solution in which a firm’s strategic objectives can be
measured against its defined risk appetite and associated policies, combined with a
comprehensive internal control system and risk register. 

Optial delivers all your requirements for a robust Insurance risk management system which will underpin much of the proposed Solvency II regime.

Optial provides an Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), allowing for a risk-based evaluation of the whole firms Insurance including identifying, assessing, monitoring and managing short and long term risks (re)insurance undertakings.

Optial Insurance includes a variety of functions including Loss events, Key Risks, Controls, Own Risk Self Assessments (ORSA) through Risk & Control Self Assessment and Audit management.







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Overview Optial provides the infrastructure for creating and implementing the broad range of GRC, risk management, audit and compliance processes that are crucial to the success of contemporary organisations. Optial offers a comprehensive set of tools for automating, completing, reviewing, reporting and acting on any type of business process including self assessments, compliance audits and risk management …

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