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.NET Performance Monitoring

Solve problems fast with profiler-like data from production apps

Real-life .NET applications are complex to troubleshoot. Traditional APM solutions sample the data that goes through your app. Each time they miss a beat, you miss a critical piece of the puzzle. Our patented PurePath technology captures and correlates all facts, on any transaction, not just failing ones. Replay everything that happened before, during and after a problem, and cut down your MTTR by up to 90%.


Monitor your CLRs health and transaction performance

Dynatrace automatically discovers and visualizes every transaction and auto-models your .NET application from client to back-end. Find dependencies between CLRs and other tiers, where time is spent, and where problems are. Instantly drill-down into method level details to see method arguments, return values, SQL statements, exceptions, log messages and more.

Know if the problem is in your code or somewhere else

The problem might not be in your code. Follow and replay any transaction from a click or swipe, through third party web APIs, CDNs, and backend services. In minutes, you will know if you need to fix your code, or if someone else does.


Simplify the analysis of memory and thread issues

Memory Snapshots isolate all details related to a memory problem -including object dependencies- while Memory Hotspot automatically brings unusual objects to your attention. Know not only which object was not garbage collected, but why.

With thread dumps, easily find deadlocks, idle or busy thread pools, thread leaks, and more.


Accelerate teamwork with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server integration

Share captured data across dev, test, & ops, right from Visual Studio. Team Foundation Server (TFS) integration provides automated application performance analysis throughout your delivery pipeline.

Open & Extensible. Technologies Supported:


  • SharePoint
  • ADO.NET & ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • WCF & .NET Remoting
  • WinForms & WPF
  • NUnit, MSTest & xUnit
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • MSMQ

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