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Nasdaq Risk Intelligence Head Office

Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall Street


+31 73 6464915


Jan-Cees Polderdijk
[email protected]

Nasdaq BWise Internal Audit

Audit teams benefit from its rich and complete functionality, user friendliness, and powerful reporting capabilities. It supports each step in the audit cycle, from maintenance of the audit universe, to planning, preparation, workpaper management, reporting, and finding and issue tracking.

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Nasdaq Regulatory Change Management

Nasdaq Regulatory Change Management provides banks and other financial institutions with augmented regulatory content and intuitive workflow management in one solution to alleviate the burden of compliance, enable board and regulator assurance, and ensure you never miss a regulatory update.

Nasdaq Risk Intelligence

Nasdaq Risk Intelligence enables companies efficiently manage and sustain their ERM program with a range of solutions and managed services and demonstrates integrated risk insights for key stakeholders to support decision-making, creating transparency and collaboration across assurance functions.

Nasdaq BWise Internal Control

BWise® Internal Control is a software solution that supports the end-to-end internal control process.The methodology behind the internal control software solution is built on leading practice and can be easily configured by the end user based on unique developmental and functional needs.