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Miles Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Corporate Office) - Mumbai Head Office

B-801/806, Trade World Kamala Mills Compound, S.B.Marg Lower Parel (W),

Miles Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Office

210, Level 2, The Loft Offices, Building # 2, Entrance C, Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Licensed and regulated by Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority)

Miles Software - Development Center Office

C-408/413, Trade World Kamala Mills Compound, S.B.Marg Lower Parel (W)

Miles Software - Development Center 2 Office

Miles Software Solutions (P) Ltd. 501, Sunrise Business Park, Road No. 16, Kisan Nagar, Wagle Estate




Sagar Mr Badri
[email protected]

MoneyWare Fundware – Global Disclosures Monitoring

oneyWare FundWare Supports comprehensive monitoring capabilities for global regulatory investment disclosures for over 70 countries.This includes compliance for:Reporting for U.S.Section13D,13G&13F,European Union Transparency Directive limits,Global short selling rules,Foreign investment limits,etc

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MoneyWare FundWare for AIFMD

MoneyWare FundWare enables organizations to rapidly comply with the AIFMD requirements in respect of leverage,liquidity monitoring,risk management and regulatory reporting.

MoneyWare FundWare for Depositories

MoneyWare FundWare for Depositories comes with Transaction Register for non-Custody Assets,Cash Flow Monitoring,NAV Validation Framework,Out-of-the-box limit monitoring and reporting,NAV Validation Framework,Subscriptions and Redemptions Module and Custody Oversight.To know more,visit

MoneyWare FundWare-UCITS,Derivatives & Liquidity Monitoring

MoneyWare FundWare offers out-of the box coverage of the UCITS rules as well as other regulatory rules (Non-UCITS rules, US 1940 Act, Canadian Mutual fund rules etc.)For UCITS, this includes: Comprehensive derivatives functionality,Liquidity monitoring,Multi-jurisdiction coverage, etc.