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MIMICS, Inc. Office Head Office

319 SW Washington St., Suite 501




Maggie Merten
[email protected]

MIMICS Front Office System

Bond calculator and quote processor. Works off of Trading Inventory. Tag trades. Export to the MIMICS Back Office System to assign inventory to trade and complete the transaction and confirmation processing.

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MIMICS Debt Management System

Issues and manages short to intermediate term debt instruments. Notes, commercial paper, short term deposits. Fixed, variable, pegged rates. Simple, compound interest. Any compound and payment schedule. Deposits/Withdrawals any time. Checks can be printed on blank safety stock. Direct deposit.

MIMICS Bond Paying and Transfer Agent System

Registrar, paying agent & transfer agent for bonds. Foreign currency conversions for foreign ownership. Book entry or physical. Allows any number of issues with their own user-defined receipt/certificate. Checks can print on blank safety stock. Calls and puts suppported.

MIMICS Portfolio Management Module

Customer and house portfolios. Analytic calculations, accretion/amortization/accruals, accounting reports, prints reports including FASB 115 and creates GL/DDA entries. Interfaces with the MIMICS Back Office Trading modules.