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Ben Walshaw
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MashIQ XBRL Report

MashIQ  XBRL Report is an application for working with XBRL data and creating and publishing subsequent financial reports as inline XBRL, XHTML, and PDF.

With XBRL Report users can combine multiple sources of XBRL including Inline XBRL from HMRC, US SEC and other global data feeds  into complex research, audit, and financial web-ready documents for easy distribution.

The use of inline XBRL means that the same report is readable by both humans and machines. This is achieved by tagging the financial values or text within the report against a known financial term. An example of this would be to tag a value of 42.3m in a report as "gross annual  turnover". If we think of these tags as a barcode then it becomes easy for a system process to scan the report and extract the values automatically, reducing the need for re-keying of financial data.


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