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Markit Transaction Cost Analysis (Trade EQM)

Markit Transaction Cost Analysis offers a complete range of decision-support tools for the buy side to verify, compare and calibrate the performance of brokers, algorithms and today’s advanced trading technologies, and to the sell side to enhance relationship management and compliance reporting. The service provides the necessary metrics for streamlining performance-based order routing and optimal trade strategy selection. Toxic liquidity and front-running surveillance tools accurately differentiate the performance of alternative execution channels. A comprehensive range of analytics services include individual security and programme-level metrics. The analytics engine evaluates and synchronises each “child”-level execution to the prevailing market conditions.

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TradeSTP connects liquidity providers and end users. Simple, scalable solutions overcome the middle and back office integration challenges typically associated with deal delivery to treasury systems and applications. Wherever you sit in the e-trading value chain,

Markit Cashflow

Markit Cashflow modeling enables clients to model, evaluate, and analyze Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) and Asset Backed Securities (ABS). With Markit, clients can project cash flows on any given security based on specific client-driven assumptions, such as interest rates, pre-payments, losses, etc.

Markit Quotes

Markit Quotes is a real-time quote parsing service that extracts indicative and live over-the-counter (OTC) pricing from e-mail messages. The service provides portfolio managers, traders and risk managers with increased transparency and insight over the course of the day.