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Market Data Works

CodeStreet’s Market Data Works is a suite of tools that addresses key issues facing developers, administrators and business users working with real-time market data. This suite of tools is on its way to becoming a de-facto standard for working with market data, primarily for its ability to simulate desired market conditions and apply them to production systems, a capability that has been difficult to achieve to date.

Market Data Works has three components: Market Data Studio, Market Data Metrics and Market Data Warehouse.

• Market Data Studio supports developers who need to create precise, repeatable market data scenarios for testing purposes. It is an RMDS simulator that allows the user to contrive market data scenarios and have these scenarios applied to test their application, thereby significantly increasing developer efficiency. It allows development to happen away from a market data distribution environment in addition to being able to work after market hours. Market Data Studio also makes viewing, understanding and auditing market data simple and intuitive.

• Market Data Metrics is the administrator’s tool that allows for capacity planning and latency monitoring of a market data distribution environment. In addition, a range of market data utilities provide increased administrator efficiency. Market Data Metrics also serves as the control interface for CodeStreet’s ReplayService product line which serves as the recording backbone for Market Data Works.

• Market Data Warehouse supports business users who require historical, tick-by-tick and interval data in a relational database. Market Data Warehouse allows users to capture data within custom table formats, while optionally pre-processing and filtering the data to be stored. It is the logical starting point for any project that requires market data to be stored for subsequent processing by a user or software application. Market Data Warehouse is a scalable, affordable and redundant solution that can be made operational in minutes.

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Fixed Income Broker-Dealer Solutions

From traders and salespeople to research analysts, management and IT, CodeStreet offers a set of solutions that work together to further the goal of doing more riskless and risk reducing business:


CodeStreet ReplayServiceTM is a suite of products for recording and replaying messages including all market data, pricing, order and trade flow, reference data updates and settlement activity within your organization.


Teamwork is a pre-trade workflow solution for the sell-side fixed income desktop. Teamwork incorporates multiple data sources including client portfolios, trader axes, customer inquiries, and market data, improving the way traders and salespeople do their business.