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Kimberly Neumann
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Market Data Feed (MDF)


The Market Data Feed (MDF) from SIX Financial Information is a normalised real-time feed, which providesconsolidated data in one single consistent format,regardless of where in the world the data originates.We source our data from over 850 global exchangesand contributors, and work tirelessly to ensure a broad coverage of global markets.

SIX Financial Information offers two MDF interfaces – MDFstream and MDFselect. Both options are based on our extensive range of market data, and deliver timely and accurate information gathered from sources all over the world.  SIX Financial Information delivers this data in one single format, allowing you to navigate easily and to use the wide selection of data.

MDFselect is particularly well suited for feeding applications which demand mid- to high-range data throughput, covering real-time and delayed pricing data, intraday and historical time series, business news, lists and tables. To navigate quickly and efficiently through this wealth of information, MDFselect includes intelligent and easy-to-use search functionality.

MDFstream is based on a sophisticated, rapid queuing system, designed for high data throughput. The interface primarily is designed for those clients who require a broadcast data feed to service existing cache-based real-time services, such as terminal servers, data distribution platforms, algorithmic trading applications, amongst others. SIX Financial Information provides customizable delivery options such as shared, hosted or on-site environments according to your needs.


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