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Argentina Office

Sierra Candela 111
Mexico DF


+54 (11) 4131-8500


Lucio Dinoto
[email protected]

Lumina Performance

Portfolio Investment tool which is oriented to produce performance
standard reports for clients and managers. All calculations
are performed online and real-time, integrating the application to the existing financial institution systems or acting as a repository of portfolio investments.

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Lumina Treasury System

LT books the daily trading of the financial institution: administrate cash flows, managing curves risk, foreign exchange exposure, liquidity, portfolio valuation and daily, monthly and year-to-date profit & lost. From plain vanilla to complex structured instrument, including all LATAM trading.

Lumina FIX Engine

High-Performance FIX Protocol server with full FIX message support. Connected with client´s OMR or Front Office systems even when those have no FIX protocol implementation. Web-based monitoring.

Lumina Treasury for Structured Products & Complex Derivative

Lumina Treasury is powered by Numerix lib to support Structured Notes transactions, including Capturing, Valuation, Trade Capture, Trade Events, PnL & Risk Management, Reporting, Back Office Events. It can be used as a separate Front Office coexisting with others corporate Front Office systems.