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Argentina Office

Sierra Candela 111
Mexico DF


+54 (11) 4131-8500


Lucio Dinoto
[email protected]

Lumina Operations (back office)

LO covers TRX processing & settlement for a broad range of products and markets. MO functions: confirmation, taxes, sub-account allocation, rollovers & fees. Settlement functions: netting, splitting, authorization & flexible handling of settlement instructions (workflow), plus an Accounting Engine.

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Lumina Treasury System

LT books the daily trading of the financial institution: administrate cash flows, managing curves risk, foreign exchange exposure, liquidity, portfolio valuation and daily, monthly and year-to-date profit & lost. From plain vanilla to complex structured instrument, including all LATAM trading.

Lumina Performance

Portfolio Investment tool which is oriented to produce performance standard reports for clients and managers. All calculations are performed online and real-time, integrating the application to the existing financial institution systems or acting as a repository of portfolio investments.

Lumina FIX Engine

High-Performance FIX Protocol server with full FIX message support. Connected with client´s OMR or Front Office systems even when those have no FIX protocol implementation. Web-based monitoring.