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Liveoak is an enterprise cloud platform that enables financial institutions to do business with customers without being in the same physical location.

The Liveoak cloud platform seamlessly integrates best-in-class video conferencing, screen-sharing and data/ID capture with forms collaboration and e-signature capabilities that let your teams deliver white-glove service to your customers. We help enterprises close more business, eliminate nearly all “not in good order” paperwork and turn customers into passionate brand advocates.

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Liveoak for Retirement Plan Services

By using our technology, Retirement Plan Services companies can guide their clients through key paperwork in real time, obtaining multiple signatures from plan sponsors, trustees and other stakeholders. Done on paper, and with the need to travel to the client’s physical location, this process takes more than a month – not to mention significant rework …

Liveoak for Mortgage and Lending

Mortgage and lending firms use Liveoak to make account paperwork, digital signature and ongoing client service a breeze for everyone involved. Liveoak’s cloud platform is fully integrated with DocuSign, which means we help drive higher e-signature adoption rates for organizations that use this technology already. And because our tech platform augments, complements and enables more …

Liveoak for Insurance

Insurance claim representatives use Liveoak to engage directly with customers filing insurance claims that require verification, combining video and photo capture with identity attestation. The insurer completes interviews faster, saves time and money and creates a better and more convenient customer experience at what is most often a stressful moment in the customer’s life. The …