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KYC as a Service

Our KYC Customer Due Diligence services can be requested directly via a simple and secure web-page or by email or fax. KYCnet can also integrate very easily into our clients’ IT systems or to 3rd party CRM applications such as AML / CTF periodic reviews and remediation a specialty.

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KYC EDD Software-as-a-Service

A SaaS solution designed for “Complex-Customer” Enhanced Due Diligence. Available in both Front-Office and Factory-Model versions, both configured for easy integration into legacy processes with advanced workflow, industrial resource planning, time-sheeting, project and KPI reporting.

KYC Service Desk Assessment and Benchmarking Exercise

Our KYC Service Desk Assessment and Benchmarking exercise will allow you to 1) identify the absolute maturity level of your KYC Service Desk; and 2) compare your relative performance to KYCnet from an execution point of view – all the while completing work for you that needs to be done in any case.

Onboarding MVP (Moderated Verification Platform)

The Onboarding MVP is designed to provide FinTech start-ups with a low-cost but complete compliance pathway from initial customer registration and verification to ownership and UBO verification to screening and periodic review, allowing us to completely tailor its content to your particular needs.